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CAMPUS Pamphlet: ‘all that’s ever happened’

Make room on your digital bookshelves for the latest in our series of flicky PDF pamphlets, a series in which we celebrate the talents of the students taking place in our courses and projects. The New North Poets are a group of talented new writers who have come to the Poetry School via New Writing North’s Northern Writers’ Awards.

We run a collaborative mentoring scheme offering selected poets from the North of England a year’s worth of writing, publishing and professional advice. The most recent cohort of poets – Jasmine Simms, Kathleen Bainbridge, David Borrott, Jared A. Carnie, Tom Cleary and James Giddings – were mentored by Clare Pollard, and together they have created all that’s ever happened. As Clare puts it in her foreword ‘There are marriages and deaths here. Saints and battles, dreams, Monday mornings, Friday afternoons and bad sex.’

We congratulate the New North Poets on the breadth of their attention!

Please read the pamphlet via this link.

[An embedded version of this flickybook is forthcoming]

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Laura McIntosh