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CAMPUS Pamphlet – Paradise Lost: ‘An Express Elevator to Hell’

350 years ago to the day, John Milton signed his publishing contract for 1,500 copies of Paradise Lost. If you’ve not got the room on your bookshelves or the pennies in the jar to pick up this $750,000 first edition, we’re delighted to alleviate that problem by delivering a free, digital pamphlet of poems in response to Milton’s most enduring works.

Compiled from poems composed on Simon Barraclough’s 2016 course, the ‘Express Elevator to Hell’ of the title is taken from the movie Aliens (Simon argues this isn’t the sole piece of James Cameron’s work with Miltonic echoes). That cohort of students embarked upon reading the entire book and were inspired to write new poems during the five weeks of study. Simon and we were so impressed with the work produced that we asked them to perform at the launch of the following term, and begged them for the chance to publish the lot in one of our flicky books!

We are delighted to present Paradise Lost: ‘An Express Elevator to Hell’  featuring an introduction from Simon Barraclough, and poetry from Angela Brodie, Fawzia Muradali Kane, Jacqueline Smith, John Canfield, Julia Bird, Liz Callingham, Mike Sims, and Teresa Ayoub.

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William Blake, ‘The Temptation and Fall of Eve’