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CAMPUS Pamphlet: ‘The Blueprint – New North Poets 2015’

This is very exciting, this is.

Over the last couple of years the Poetry School have been working with New Writing North on a writing and mentoring programme with the five recipients of New Poets Bursaries at the 2013 Northern Writers’ Awards. The bursaries were awarded to emerging poets to help develop their first collections of work and to offer career development support. The programme was led by poet Clare Pollard.

Today, we say a sad farewell to our current crop of New North Poets, but certainly not goodbye. As this pamphlet will testify, there’s a lot more to come. As we wait for our next New Poets Bursaries award-winners – which will be announced this very evening, and presented by our very own Julia Bird – we’re delighted to publish this exclusive new pamphlet, the result of over a years’ work from five very talented poets, a yearbook, momento and showcase all rolled into one, and hopefully the start of a great new generation of voices in poetry.

Ladies and gentlemen, the New North Poets class of 2015…

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