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Welcome to the CAMPUS blog, a new online space for poetry

The CAMPUS blog is a new home for independent voices, open to all CAMPUS members and non-members, exclusively dedicated to the discussion, support and creative development of poetry.

If CAMPUS is the virtual common room where poets can connect and collaborate, then the CAMPUS blog is its public broadcast station. It is totally unrestricted, and anyone in the world with an internet connection and an interest in poetry will be free to comment, participate and submit articles and poems.

Words are important – and through a high quality, curated programme of engaging editorial, poetry and argument, we hope to stimulate and improve the reading and writing of poetry for everyone. We will be working hard on producing lots of interesting stuff to look at and hear, including interviews, essays, reviews, student poems, news, opportunities, podcasts and even film essays. Much of this programming will be specially created and commissioned by the Poetry School, working closely alongside professional poets and students.

The CAMPUS blog will be home to many regular features, of special mention:

The Digital-Poet-in-Residence – a one month residency to interact with the CAMPUS community, create thoughtful essays and blog posts, and help facilitate online workshops and events

Live Q&A’s – a twice-monthly interactive discussion with some of the great names and brightest new stars in poetry, covering every aspect of their creative lives and writing careers

Open Workshops – a free writing workshop every month, open to all CAMPUS members, ranging from practical exercises, technical masterclasses, to new and experimental approaches to making poetry

Video essays – a series of short films, mini-lectures, performances and film essays focusing on different areas of poetry and poetics

‘How I Did It’ – poets show us examples of their draft pages with an outline of the drafting and editing process that would otherwise be hidden

The CAMPUS blog not only replaces the Poetry School’s pre-existing blog, but also offers an expanded site of activity that works in parallel with our main CAMPUS network.  This blog will act as the public-facing side of CAMPUS, but as well as highlighting the ongoing, regular activity within CAMPUS, we also hope to reflect on the wider landscape of poets and poetry promoters working today across the British Isles and beyond, regularly working with other poetry networks and organisations to bring you the latest news, comment and opportunities.

The Poetry School is committed to the belief that poetry has always been stronger when poets work together. This blog is our modest attempt to make these new connections, overcome existing boundaries, and further fulfil the creative and collaborative potential of our diverse and incredibly rich poetry communities.

There will be lots of exciting news and ways to get involved with the CAMPUS blog in the near future. And if you have any of your own ideas you’d like to suggest, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact [email protected].

See you on CAMPUS!

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