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The Page of Love, or, ‘Some nice things people have said about us recently’

I would be lost without The Poetry School courses.

Olivia Dawson, 2 July 2014, CAMPUS


I have really enjoyed the course and everything Poetry School is doing for the cause of promoting this art … Personally, as I’ve never had any formal feedback/training it has been nothing short of utterly inspirational.

Jake Higgins, April 2014, Online Feedback Course with Dai George (2014)


Part of the reason I’m doing this course is to force myself to make time to write poetry, and it is working beautifully!

Liz Sage, 12 June 2014, Wunderkammer! (2014)


We all – everyone I know who has anything to do with the Poetry School – really appreciate what you do, on a practical and logistical level, for the Poetry School. Online courses are now easier to engage with and more user-friendly and CAMPUS, even to a Social Media hermit like myself, is a jolly and friendly place full of interesting people sharing information, news and ideas and not shouting about themselves.

Catherine Smith, by email, 30 July 2014


The Open Workshops are a great resource. Well thought out / challenging assignments and thoughtful feedback during the live chat. Thank you for the effort involved in putting on the latest one and thank you Poetry School for supporting these

Clare Hepworth-Wain, 12 June 2014, Open Workshop with Kim Moore (2014)


I’m doing How to Get Rich – Vocabulary, Idiolect and Iconography with Roddy Lumsden and the Online Feedback Course with Antony Dunn – both excellent

Peter Wise, June 2014, CAMPUS blog comment


The Poetry School, via CAMPUS and other courses, has indeed provided me, a working mum with school aged children, with access to excellent tuition and connections to the poetry community that I couldn’t otherwise have made

Louise Ordish, 2 July 2014


Many thanks to you all for providing a creative and nurturing environment for poetry and poets, and special thanks for the guidance and inspiration I’ve found within your community.

Tessa Lang, by email, 7 July 2014


As I don’t seem to have been asked for official feedback on Edmund Prestwich’s wonderful PS Course which spanned Homer’s Odyssey and Illiad and investigated a range of contemporary responses, I wish to let you know what a credit to the Poetry School these five sessions were. The academic and erudite depth of the tutor’s knowledge and understanding and the detailed and thorough preparation were key factors in making the whole experience enlightening, uplifting and inspiring. We learnt an enormous amount in this short course (a pity it could not have been longer) as well as having the opportunity to get tutor and peer feedback on our own poems written in response to the studied materials.

Vivien Finney, by email, 11 July 2014


I would like to say it has been the most inspiring course I have taken

Elisabeth Sennett Clough, by email, 18 July 2014, about Wunderkammer! Writing the Curious (2014)



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