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Summer 2015 courses in one line or less


The Tao of Poetry with Liane Strauss – reviltalise your poetic practices as Liane shares her love of classical Chinese poetry with you

Developing a Style with Tim Dooley – develop your own poetic voice in conversation with the best of poetic tradition

Alien Vs Predator with Kathryn Gray – poetry and pop culture: how the story of the modern age can influence your work

Chemical Poetry with Simon Barraclough – the periodic table of the elements as a springboard for new writing

Growing Poems From Thought with Cheryl Moskowitz – philosophers, physicists, psychoanalysts and more: how the great thinkers stimulate new work

The Anti-Poetic with Julian Stannard – how to escape the straight-jacket of the well behaved poem



Mixed Borders with Sarah Hesketh and the London Parks and Gardens Trust – want to be one of the resident poets at London Open Gardens weekend?

Notebooks and Shopping Malls with Joan Michelson – a close look at the poems of Robert Hass and Tony Hoagland in search of inspiration

Crossing the Line with Tamar Yoseloff & David Harker – a combination poetry / visual art workshop looking at the line from both perspectives

The Love Poem in the City with Sean O’Brien – the place of the urban landscape in the romantic imagination

Funding for Writers with Gemma Seltzer – if you’ve got a literature project in mind, the Arts Council want to hear about it

Dear Diary with Laura Barnicoat and Julia Bird – access to the public diaries collected by The Great Diary project as a source of inspiration



Celebrate Your History with Nick Field – turn mere autobiography into marvellous poetry

Epiphanies and Other Moveable Feasts with Nichola Deane – attending to the moment in a surprising fashion

Surprised by Joy with Dai George – writing emotion without sentimentality

Call and Response with Rishi Dastidar – how to write about music

A Festival of Opposing Forces with R A Villanueva – denial and indulgence, sin and forgiveness … how to conjure poems from opposition

A Long Drink for a Hot Day with Holly Hopkins – poetry and booze – does it wet your whistle or wash you away?

Playing with History with Kelly Swain – a quick (poetic) dip in the Thames in search of new poems



Beyond the Frame with Sally Flint – poems about the other arts – painting, drawing, film-making dancing and more



Love, Death, Art, Time and Nature with Sarah Corbett – the five big themes!

Keep On with Clare Shaw – keeping your poetic momentum going

Saturday Sessions with Ann & Peter Sansom – three one day sessions with lots of exercises and feedback



Narrative Voice with Patrick Brandon – extend the range of yours, with Patrick



Waiting for the time o’day: John Clare Writing Workshops – special access to John Clare’s cottage and manuscripts in search of new poems



Nightwriter with Tom Chivers – explore your inner insomniac over three nocturnal writing sessions

The Poet as Curator, The Curator as Poet with Shazea Quraishi – organising the raw materials of your mind-museum

Poetic Prosthetics, or ‘The Six Million Dollar Poet’ with Nasser Hussain – transcend the human and generate completely new kinds of computer-assisted poetries

Peacocks & Hemlocks: the Art of Repetition with Miriam Gamble – the intense, disturbing music of repetition, pattern and rhyme



The Act of Transformation with Kim Moore – identity politics and the transformation of the body, from Ovid to present

Liberating Poetic Chaos with Steve Ely – magical methods into visionary thought

Irony and Edge: How to Ruffle up Your Poetry with Dai George – find some contemporary edge in work that currently feels too safe or traditional

The Pleasure of Prose Poetry with Carrie Etter – the witty, subversive world of the prose poem

House and Universe: the Poetry of Home and Domestic Objects with Rebecca Goss – our private spaces and the memories stored inside

Sound Poetry and Performance Technique with Emma Hammond – discover your own authentic sound, avert the pull of the ‘poetry voice’

What are the Rules and When can we Break Them? 2015 with Kathryn Maris – are the rules outmoded, should there be no rules at all?



Top of the Form (an International Course) with Catherine Smith – head-to-head with the sestina, pantoum, ghazal, elegy, ode



‘Out of the ash I rise’: reading Sylvia Plath’s ‘Ariel’ (an Online Reading Group) with Clare Pollard – celebrating ‘the most notorious poetry collection ever published by a woman’



Online Feedback Course with Liane Strauss – a focused look at your poems-in-progress for all levels


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