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Open Workshop: ‘Putting A Poet In Your Pocket’

Hot on the heels of her ‘Show Us Your Poems’ surgery, current Digital Poet in Residence Kim Moore leads the next in our Open Workshops series…

Reading other people’s poetry is vital to keep our own poems alive and breathing.  In this workshop, you are going to be carrying around a poet in your pocket, or more accurately a poem.  You are going to carry this poem to work with you, or take it on the school run.  You are going to sleep with it next to your bed.  You should have it with you when you eat.  If you are really keen, you’ll memorise it.  You will then explore the different ways you can give your poem its own shadow poem that will keep it company.


Title: ‘Putting A Poet In Your Pocket’

Starts: 21 May 2014

Live chat: 4 June 2014, 7pm GMT

To book your place, please email [email protected]


Kim Moore’s first pamphlet If We Could Speak Like Wolves was shortlisted for the Michael Marks Award in 2013 after winning the 2012 Poetry Business Pamphlet Competition.   She won an Eric Gregory Award in 2011 and the Geoffrey Dearmer Prize in 2010.  She has published widely in magazines including The TLS, Poetry Review, The Rialto and The North.  She works part-time as a peripatetic brass teacher for Cumbria Music Service and her collection is forthcoming from Seren in 2015. She is the Poetry School’s third Digital Poet in Residence.


  • Rachel Davies

    Do we need to be available on the Wednesday evenings to partake? Or can we undertake the work at other times? I am committed on 21st and 28th in the evenings. I can see how the live chat on 4th June requires real time input.

  • Will Barrett (Poetry School)

    Hi Rachel. You need to be available on the evening of June 4th. You will have a week from May 21st to write your poem, which will have to be submitted by the 28th, but this can all be done in your own time and at distance. The only time you must be available is 7-9pm on Wednesday June 4th.

  • john foggin

    That answers all my questions bar one. Did I get a place? It would be nice to be in Spain AND on another writing course simultaneously. Greedy, me.

  • Clare Hepworth-Wain

    I really like the Open Workshop format and am seriously impressed with Kim Moores ‘log book’ and recent article ‘A Room of Ones Own’ so this is a winnng combination for me. One of the nicest things about the ‘Digital Poet in Residence’ scheme is discovering new poets and their work. Thank you Campus.

  • Kim Moore

    Thanks Clare – lovely things to read at the end of a long day!

  • Maggie How

    Hi, I have a place on the course but I can’t remember how to ‘join’ this group so it appears in my groups in Campus… sorry to be dim!

  • Will Barrett (Poetry School)

    Maggie – if you managed to get a place on our Open Workshop, you will have been sent an email with instructions, which you must read in order to do the course. All the groups are in the Groups Directory, which can be found at Menu > Groups & Courses. You can request membership there (click on the black ‘REQUEST MEMBERSHIP’ button.

  • Maggie How

    Thanks Will, and thanks for your email – I’m currently in France on a writing retreat, using a device that I’m not used to (Windows Surface Pro), and I can receive email, but not send it for some reason! Anyway, will track back to your instructions and get on with it! Cheers, Maggie

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