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Poetry School Bank Holiday Sale!

 Make the most of your bank holiday weekend with the Poetry School sale. Take 25% off selected Poetry School courses with voucher code BANKSALE!


Face-to-Face Courses


Fuck Lyric: Politics and Poetic Form with Joey Connolly (London, 10 week)): Join the fight and write new, original poems in support of poetry’s resistance against conservative conformity. Was £90. Now £67.50!


Ancient Tongues & Hybrid Texts with Rowan Evans (Bristol, 10 week): Expand your writing between voices and across centuries to explore how poetry can respond to ancient languages, folk culture and mythWas £90. Now £67.50.


Mondo: The Global Avant Garde with SJ Fowler (London, weekend): Journey through a world of avant-garde poetry over this jam-packed weekend with SJ Fowler. Was £144. Now £108.


Poem of the Air: Marina Tsvetaeva Translation Weekend with Sasha Dugdale (London, weekend): Get up close and personal with the extraordinary work of Marina Tsvetaeva, working with her previously-untranslated ‘Poem of the Air’. Was £144. Now £108.


Language of the Social with Caleb Femi (London, 1-day)Join Caleb Femi to explore the social side of language and break through its barriers to catch a true glimpse of reality. Was £72. Now £54.


Online Courses


Against English: Dialects, Distortions and New Vocabularies with Harry Giles (Online, interactive): Write against English, take it apart, and explode language altogether. Was £109. Now £81.75


Integrated Circuits: Creating Digital Poetry with Maya Chowdhry (Online, interactive): Leap from page to screen and create interactive poems fit for our digital age. Was £109. Now £81.75


Living in a Different World: Poetry, Of, Through and After 1968 with Gloria Dawson(Online, international): Radical readings and revolutionary spirit from 1968 – the year that shook the world. Was £109. Now £81.75


So Many Blood-Lakes: Ecological Nightmares Studio with André Naffis-Sahely (Online, studio): Write poems about our increasingly perilous natural world. Was £79. Now £59.25.


We Cannot Stop the Rumbling Trains: Contemporary Chinese Poetry with David Tait(Transreading): Rejuvenate your poems with a bold, new wave of Chinese voices. Was £109. Now £81.75.

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