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Open Workshop: ‘The Poetry of Pain’

As developments in technology increase our access to the world, it can often feel like we are losing touch with the bodies we inhabit, and the remarkable functions they provide from moment to moment.

Whilst we often treat pain as an inconvenience to be blanketed over with medication, it can also provide us with a way to get back in touch with the bodily experience, providing new angles for original writing. In this Open Workshop with Daniel Sluman, we will explore pain as an objective sensation that brings us closer to an understanding of the bodies we possess, and new ways of describing it. We will look at how pain has been used by contemporary writers to bring the human body to life, and how we can use similar methods to better understand our physicality, and how it relates to the outside world.


Title: ‘The Poetry of Pain’

START DATE: Wednesday 16 March 2016

DEADLINE: Wednesday 23 March 2016, 12noon

LIVE CHAT: Wednesday 30 March 2016, 7-9pm GMT

To book your place, please email [email protected]

Note: places are given on a first-come first-served basis, but priority may be given to first-time students.


Daniel Sluman is a poet and disability rights activist based in Oxfordshire, UK. He gained a BA and MA in Creative Writing from the University of Gloucestershire, and has previously held editorial roles at Dead Ink, Iota, and the award-winning disability anthology FTW: Poets against Atos. He was named one of Huffington Post’s Top 5 British Poets to Watch in 2015, and his debut poetry collection Absence has a weight of its own was released by Nine Arches Press to critical acclaim in 2012. His latest collection is the terrible.

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