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Open Workshop: ‘Storms in Teacups’

Entropy is the inclination of all matter to tend towards disorder. The fact that we are able to lead lives with any semblance of structure or routine is a miracle. Yet even within the most controlled and well-practiced everyday acts, there is a propensity towards chaos, a possibility of total loss of control.

In this Open Workshop with Shey Hargreaves – our current Digital Poet in Residence with 1215today – we will take a moment, real or imagined, where the usual, ordered state of affairs was disrupted, and use it as a jumping-off point for new writing. It could be a relationship we lost control of; some baking we did that went horribly wrong; an accident or misadventure; an egg rolling off a kitchen counter and smashing all over the freshly-mopped floor. We’ll take these ordinary, mundane moments, and tune in to the turmoil bubbling beneath the surface.


Title: ‘Storms in Teacups’

START DATE: Monday 16 May 2016

DEADLINE: Monday 23 May 2016, 12noon

LIVE CHAT: Thursday 26 May 2016, 7:30-9:30pm GMT

To book your place, please email [email protected]

Note: places are given on a first-come first-served basis, but priority may be given to first-time students.

Open Workshops runs a free writing workshop every month, open to all CAMPUS members, ranging from practical exercises, technical masterclasses, to new and experimental approaches to making poetry. Email [email protected] for more information.


Shey Hargreaves is a poet, storyteller and scriptwriter for stage, screen and radio. She also delivers creative writing workshops in schools, and frequently works with healthcare professionals on training and research projects. Shey is co-creator of the storytelling podcast Tales from the Pigshed with fellow writer Timothy Lawrence. Her current projects include a performance poetry show about working in frontline services in the NHS, and a graphic novel about nanoparticles.

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