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Open Workshop: ‘Hackwriting’

So far in our Open Workshop series we’ve had Oulipio-style creative upcycling with Claire Trévien, pronounless prosody from Dai George, and a reflection on the power of inheritances from Richie McCaffery.

February’s Open Workshop comes courtesy of Alex MacDonald, our Digital-Poet-in-waiting, who will be offering ‘a study in uncreative writing’, inspired by his own poem sequence, Lines From Her Majesty’s Government. Newspapers at the ready, as you’ll be copy-pasting lines from second-hand news sources and interspersing them with your own unpublished notebook material to create unique, politically resonant new work.

Title: ‘Hackwriting: a study in uncreative writing’

Starts: Tuesday 18 February 2014

Live chat: Tuesday 4 March 2014,  7pm GMT

To book your place on this free workshop please email [email protected]. Priority will be given to first-time applicants on a first come, first served basis

Alex MacDonald lives and works in London. He has had his poetry published in The Quietus, Clinic II and English PEN and was shortlisted for the Poetry School / Pig Hog Poetry Pamplet Competition. He hosted a series of readings at the V&A Museum on independent poetry publishers.

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