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Live Q&A with Jen Hadfield: 7 May, 1pm

Who listens
like lichen listens . . .

‘Lichen’, Jen Hadfield

We’re delighted to have an exclusive audience with Jen Hadfield, who will be coming to CAMPUS on May 7 to discuss the startlingly original, Byssus, her latest collection, and her first after the T.S. Eliot prize-winning Nigh-No-Place.

Byssus – pronounced ‘bissus’, and meaning the mussel’s ‘beard’, the tough fibres which anchor it to the seabed – is a vivarium of new and surprising language, full of wonderful descriptions of nature and place that constantly break from their literal meanings. It’s also a book about home, and what it takes to find and forge one. Through poems of astonishment, adoration, and careful attention, Byssus is a profound encounter between external reality and the conscious self, and what it means to get to know a place.

As with all our Live Q&A’s, Jen will also be here to answer any questions you might have, from what she’s currently reading to tips for getting over writer’s block. If you’d like to ask Jen a question, please post it ahead of the live chat into the ‘CAMPUS Digital Open Day’ group preceded by the hashtag #byssus.

This event is part of our CAMPUS Digital Open Day.


Live Q&A with Jen Hadfield

When? – Wednesday 7 May 2014, 1pm GMT

Where? – ‘CAMPUS Digital Open Day’ group


To reserve your place on this free workshop, please RSVP: [email protected]


Jen Hadfield lives in Shetland. Her first collection Almanacs won an Eric Gregory Award in 2003. Her second collection Nigh-No-Place won the T. S. Eliot Prize and was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best Collection. She won the Edwin Morgan Poetry Competition in 2012.

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