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Autumn 2014 courses in one line or less

L O N D O N   –   L O N G   C O U R S ES

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Mimi Khalvati (afternoons and evenings)

In-depth feedback on your poems in progress

Form & Music with Roddy Lumsden

A technical approach to poetry for advanced writers

Take Your Writing Further with Myra Schneider

A monthly feedback session based in North London

Advanced Poetry Writing with Pascale Petit (afternoons and evenings)

Close attention to your poems in progress

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Kathryn Maris & guests

A daytime feedback class with visiting writers

Training the Poem with Jacqueline Saphra

A technical tool-kit for intermediate writers

Poetry & Prose with Myra Schneider

A monthly feedback session incorporating prose, based in North London

Intermediate workshop with Roddy Lumsden

A daytime writing task and feedback course

Generating Poems with Hannah Lowe

Fortnightly writing task and feedback sessions for intermediate writers

Saturday Sessions with Ros Barber

Monthly feedback and advice in a supportive group


L O N D O N   –   S H O R T   C O U R S E S

The ABCs of Poetry with Liane Strauss

A poetry foundation course for beginners

Finding a Style with Tim Dooley

For building up a portfolio of work

Poetry and the Stuff of Modern Living with Judy Brown

Poems on work, urban spaces and contemporary totems

Poetry and Samuel Beckett with Simon Barraclough

Your own poems inspired by Beckett’s poetry and prose

Vanguard with S J Fowler

Exploring the British avant garde

Is Nature Poetry Dead? with Eva Salzman

Writing the modern nature poem

Tutor Academy

Five new tutor poets, five sets of ideas and feedback

How Free is Free? with Roddy Lumsden

Bringing discipline to your free verse


L O N D O N   –   O N E   D A Y   W O R K S H O P S

Performance Skills for Poets with Nick Field

How to dazzle your audience

To Teach is to Do with Cheryl Moskowitz

A one day session for English teachers

The Poem Noir with John Challis

Read about them, write your own

Draft, Edit, Draft with Ahren Warner

A two-day session teaching all-level editing skills

Telling Tales with Patience Agbabi

A workshop based on Patience’s Chaucer adaptations

Reading Elizabeth Bishop with Graham Fawcett

A thorough dousing in the work of a modern master



The Poetry School at the Manchester Museum with Helen Mort

Museum based writing activities

Manchester Saturday sessions with Ann & Peter Sansom (over three sessions)

Feedback on your poems in progress

Reading Williams & Stevens with Jeffrey Wainwright

Read deeply into William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens



Poetry Workshop with Andrew Jamison

Feedback on your poems in progress



Ists and Isms with Andy Brown

Imaginative C20th techniques for generating new work



The Poetry of Parenthood with Clare Pollard

Write poems inspired by mothers, fathers, sons and daughters

Fragments: from the Thought to the Page with Kathryn Maris

Genre-bending look at fragments and broken verse

A Century of Scottish Poetry, Part 1 with Richie McCaffery

Decade-by-decade trawl through the Scottish canon

The One and the Many with Dai George

Exploring the poem’s address, from confessional to polemic

Animal Magick: Real and Imaginary Beasts with A B Jackson

Curious creatures, legendary beasts, spirit animals and totems

Poetry and the Brain with Helen Mort

A poet’s guide to how and why we think

The Noetics of Nonsense with Emma Hammond

Turning language upside down

5 Easy Pieces with J T Welsch, Harry Man, Holly Corfield Carr, Kim Moore and Jen Campbell

5 clever poets, 5 random assignments

Versus, Vehemence and Vision:  Poetry Of Social Engagement with Steve Ely

Fresh approaches to public poetry

Verse Stories with Catherine Smith

Narrative poetry inspired by fiction

Transreading Central Europe with Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese

Re-working poems from other languages

A Name To Conjure With: Reading Mercian Hymns with Holly Hopkins

De-coding the greatest work by our ‘greatest living poet’

Online Feedback Course with Karen McCarthy Woolf

A focused look at your poems-in-progress for advanced students

Online Feedback Course with John McCullough

A focused look at your poems-in-progress for all levels

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