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Summer 2023 – Quick Course Guide

Our Summer Term is now live and we’ve got a whole host of brilliant tutors and courses lined up, so be sure to book promptly to avoid disappointment. Below is our handy Quick Course Guide, where you’ll find everything you’ll need to know.

Online Courses

Our classic ten-week online courses with Live Chats.

Verse Epic: The Art of Narrative Poetry with Cat Woodward
Flex your imagination and push your craft as we explore the art of poetic storytelling.

What’s Love Got To Do With It? with Catherine Smith
Explore this joyous, painful, essential emotion and learn to write ‘from the heart’ without recourse to sentimentality or cliché.

Poetry & Ecologue: Ritual Ecopoetics with Rhys Trimble
Journey from bucolics to contemporary writing to explore Ecopoetry’s radical, experimental possibilities. 

Online courses without Live Chats, suitable for students in all time zones.

‘Blind Pilots & Furious Lullabies’: Poetry & Fatherhood with Luke Palmer
Join us to explore the gristly issues of fathers and fatherhoods as we challenge preconceptions and look for new ways into this vital subject. 

‘A giant collaboration with the world’: The Poetic Journal with Danne Jobin
Experiment with chronicling the present moment and refresh your poetic practice as we explore the poetic journal. 

Geography for the Lost with David Tait
Explore travel poems that focus on the journey and the ways travel can change us.

Time’s Fool: Time as Subject & Technique with Jonathan Edwards
Reflect on, and mess about with, time in your poems, as we explore a range of strategies to harness the magic of time in your writing.

The Dream of Poetry with Sascha Akhtar
Explore how the Unconscious can inform our writing, as we break from narrative logic and delve into dreams.

Transcend culture, languages, and genres to write poems and translations in response to wide readings.

Exercises in Potential Literature: Transreading Oulipo with Sue Burge
Explore Oulipean constraints to shake up your writing practice. 

Transreading the Pamphlet Form with Guillemot Press’s Luke Thompson
Explore the creative potential of the pamphlet form with expert pamphlet publishers, Guillemot Press. 

SCULPTING LANGUAGE: Women Making Visual Poetry with Astra Papachristodoulou
Explore the sensorial dimension of visual poetry by engaging with the work of some of the most exciting innovative women poets today. 

Advanced and in-depth courses focusing on craft and theory.

‘Inbreath’ of Poetry: Masterclass with Agnieszka Studzińska
Inhale and exhale as we explore poetry that challenges, surprises, and catches our breath, and write of breath’s force and beauty. 

Time, Speed, Selfhood, & Transcendence: A John Ashbery Masterclass with Stav Poleg
Write new poems in response to John Ashbery’s ‘Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror’. 

‘Today I will praise’: A Masterclass of Radical Hope & Gratitude with Victoria Kennefick
Make space for gratitude and hope in these trying times as we explore poetry’s power for appreciation.

Poetry, Memory, & Musicality Masterclass with Jodie Hollander
Consider how musicality can create poetic meaning and sound can work as a gateway to the senses. 

Receive thoughtful critiques of 5 poems from your peers and an esteemed tutor.

Fortnightly Feedback with Leah Umansky
Knock your loose poems into shape with some concentrated feedback from poet and editor, Leah Umansky.

Short, intensive courses focusing on writing and inspiration.

Loneliness Studio+ with Tice Cin
Join us to create community through writing, as we explore that difficult topic of loneliness.

The Circle Game Studio+ with Kathryn Simmonds
Get inside circular forms to see why repeating yourself can be a useful poetic technique.

Poetry & Mistranslation Studio with Vanessa Kisuule
Play with, and question, the notion of mistranslation to rethink what it means to communicate through poetry.

Video & In Person

Our flagship weekly workshop groups where you’ll find thoughtful critique and a welcoming poetry community.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Anthony Anaxagorou | Zoom
Develop your writing through discussion and feedback in this advanced workshop.

Creative Constraint with Jacqueline Saphra | Zoom
Mix up your writing, and learn new skills and techniques.

What Next? (Advanced) with Wayne Holloway-Smith | Zoom
Challenge yourself, elevate your writing, and take the next steps in your poetry career. 

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Astrid Alben | In Person
An exciting new advanced workshop group with the innovative Astrid Alben. 

What Now? (Intermediate) with Wayne Holloway-Smith | Zoom
Bring your writing to the next level and explore contemporary poetry’s cutting-edge. 

Wednesday Workshop with Tim Dooley | In Person
Our long-running weekly workshop with Tim Dooley, for poets looking to develop their individual voice and technique. 

Live Wires: Starting to Write with Rebecca Varley-Winter | Zoom
Spark your creativity and take your first steps into the world of poetry!

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Mark Waldron | Zoom
An advanced weekly workshop group with the inimitable Mark Waldron. 

Finding the Form; Breaking the Mould with Shazea Quraishi | Zoom
Hone your craft, explore poetry’s inner workings, and look at techniques to help your poems achieve lift-off.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Richard Price | Zoom
Join this group for rigorous discussion of your writing with the acclaimed poet Richard Price.

Intermediate Poetry Workshop with Natasha Hakimi Zapata | Zoom
Our weekly workshop for intermediate poets looking to develop their work.

Saturday Sessions with Ros Barber | In Person
Monthly all-day Saturday workshops with Ros Barber.

Get in depth with these one-term courses over five sessions.

The Poetry of Breaking News with Glyn Maxwell | In Person
Explore the strengths and weaknesses topicality and reportage in your poetry with celebrated poet and tutor, Glyn Maxwell.

‘Tantalising Vagueness’: Intimacy & Distance in Poetry with Suzanne Conway | Zoom
Join us as we look for the line between intimacy and oversharing, evasion and distance in your work. 

Intensive classes on inspiring topics and 1-2-1 surgeries with renowned tutors.

Poetry Surgery with Jodie Hollander | In Person
In-depth 1-2-1 discussion on your poetry with visiting US poet, Jodie Hollander.

Confessional Poetry: Catharsis, Compassion, & Care with Rebecca Tamás | In Person
Explore the beautiful, ugly, messy, world of emotion as inspiration for important new poems.

Playing With Fire with Elizabeth Parker | Zoom
Take up a torch and join us as we explore the elemental power of fire as destroyer, life-giver, and re-inventor in your writing.

Poetry Surgery with Romalyn Ante | Zoom
In-depth 1-2-1 discussion on your poetry with poet and editor Romalyn Ante. 

Absences, Fractures, & Fragments: Using Space in Poetry with Natalie Whittaker | Zoom
Explore the relationship between language, space, and silence and see what happens when we let some air into our poems.

Poetry & Migration with Sarala Estruch
Explore the important topic of migration, learning how poetry can be the perfect vehicle to tell stories of movement, settlement, and belonging.

If you’d like to read more, please visit our Courses page. If you need any information on concessions or bursaries, please have a look through our Financial Support page or send an email to [email protected]. Happy booking!

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