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Spring 2015 courses (in one line or less)


Poetry of Place with Roisin Tierney – where do you come from, where are you going to? Writing tasks and workshopping based on a broad definition of ‘place’

Routes into Poetry with Tamar Yoseloff – the best course for beginners, starts in the Spring and continues till the Summer

Defining a Style with Tim Dooley – for intermediate writers wishing to push themselves a bit harder

Taking Time Out with John Greening – learn from (or steal from) five centuries worth of poetic experiment

Writing the Tempest with Roddy Lumsden – work towards an event featuring new poems you’ve written in response to Shakespeare’s play

Carnival and the Masks of Bacchanal with Fawzia Kane – what happens to your poetry when you wear a mask with the aim of losing yourself?

First Collection Surgery with Kayo Chingonyi and others – a group for those working towards their first collections



T S Eliot Prize Preview with Kathryn Maris – our annual round up of the year’s best collections, as selected by the T S Eliot Prize Judges



The Poetry in Money with Claire Crowther – there’s no money in poetry, as they say … but no poetry in money, either. Come and try to disprove both assertions

Acoustics: Noise & Silence with Zoe Skoulding – shut your eyes and see what happens to your poems

The Unseen with Jo Bell – consider all that invisible to the naked eye from germs to ghosts

Spin Offs with David Harsent – a recycling workshop for poetry

Hanami Festival Cherry Blossom Poetry Picnic with Fawzia Kane – write poems as the blossom falls on you



‘No laughs please, we’re poets’ – can comic poetry be good poetry? with Jonathan Edwards – funny poetry for serious (and not-so-serious) poets

Deep Diving Poetry: the Language of Coastlines and the Sea with Claire Trévien – new and old poetic currents, from creatures of the deep to fables of the coast

Dream On: Waking Up Your Poems with the Phantasmagoric with Ben Wilkinson – reveries, fever dreams, your poetic unconscious run amok…

Fragments, from the Thought to the Page (Spring 2015) with Kathryn Maris – genre-bending look at fragments and broken verse

Maintenant! (an International Poetry Course) with S J Fowler – 5 sessions, 5 great European avant-gardes

New Definitions and Neologisms: the Poetry of Dictionaries with Kate Potts – poetic praxis for word nerds

Poetry and the Brain (Spring 2015) with Helen Mort – a poet’s guide to how and why we think

Re-Writing the Map with Suzannah Evans – exploring the frontiers of language, place and imagination

This Enchanted Isle: reading W H Auden’s The Sea and the Mirror with A B Jackson
– discover the mysterious world of Auden’s ‘commentary’ on The Tempest

Write What You Don’t Know: Research, Writing and the Apparently Confessional with Ryan Van Winkle – feelings you haven’t felt, sights you haven’t seen, things you don’t understand

YOU, The Movie – Horror, Western, Romance, Noir and Disaster Poetry with John Challis
– your life re-imagined through the lens of genre film

Where it Begins: a course for new poets with Nii Ayikwei Parkes – if you’re new to writing poetry then this is where it begins…

Online Feedback Course with Catherine Smith – a focused look at your poems-in-progress for advanced students

Online Feedback Course with John Clegg – a focused look at your poems-in-progress for all levels



Shaping the Poem with Patrick Brandon – looking at structure, rhythm, and image, with lots of time devoted to feedback on student poems



Poetry & Time with Andy Brown – Looking at how to manage time in your poems, through form to philosophical ideas



Relight Your Fire with Claire Shaw – prompts and exercises to kick-start your writing; along with passion and enthusiasm in bucket loads!

Saturday Sessions with Ann and Peter Sansom – three sessions combining brilliant writing exercises with insightful, supportive feedback

Classics Across Cultures: a reading a writing course with Edmund Prestwich – looking at classic texts and how they can act as stimuli for fresh writing.


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