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Performance Skills for Poets

How do you stop your knees knocking and your paper wobbling when you perform your poetry? How can you make sure they can hear you in the cheap seats? We’ve got a workshop coming up at the Poetry School with poet and performer Nick Field that will help you settle those questions.

Nick writes:

‘I’m really excited about bringing a performance skills workshop for poets to The Poetry School this Autumn. Working with poets to develop their performance and presentation ability is a great way to help them tackle one of the most challenging aspects of being a poet. It’s also a really important aspect that is often overlooked. Performing work is the most direct way for a poet to communicate, develop a profile and share their work and unique voice. For myself this was a really key part of the journey from starting out doing open mics to touring my own solo shows internationally. I understand how much of a difference a strong performance style can make. I’ve worked with poets and performers across the UK and beyond to help them get to the next level in performing their work, and it’s always such a thrill to see poets make breakthroughs to get there.

The workshop I’m running for The Poetry School is largely about finding the confidence and presence to present a strong set as part of a spoken word or poetry event. I’ll be looking at the key aspects of developing and putting together a good performance and showcasing work, and working with participants to help them develop their skills. The workshop involves practical work, games to help participants focus on their presentation style and what makes it unique, and techniques for delivering a set successfully, and that all important constructive feedback. It’s a fun, friendly and supportive workshop to get seriously empowering results.’

Take the stage with Nick on his Performance Skills For Poets workshop – book here or give us a ring on 0207 582 1679


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