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Mondo: The Global Avant Garde

I’ve run three courses for the Poetry School so far, all of which have been about avant-garde poetry. Covering specific movements in European, British and World avant-garde writing, I’ve been able to communicate things I’m passionate about to successively erudite and enthusiastic course participants.

Here’s what’s coming up for the Autumn Term…

Mondo: The Global Avant Garde

Explore a world of avant-garde poetry movements and discover how their remarkable explorations in the written word often compliment, rather than antagonise, more formal writing practice.

Over 5 sessions, 5 global avant-garde poetic movements will be used as references to springboard you into new writing techniques, stressing the possibility amidst the history. Covering five different movements of the post-war period, in five different nations, this course – with the energy, dynamism and invention of the writing it explores – will enrich anyone’s poetry horizons.

I will also organise a post-course reading for students on this course. Lessons are weekly, Thursday evenings 7pm to 9pm.

Mondo is not intended as representative of anything but an idiosyncratic selection of international avant-garde movements, all presented as a gateway to new writing methodologies for contemporary poets.

Here’s an outline of the course structure…

Week One: November 5th – Japan

The ASA group to the VOU: Kitasono Katue & more
Logogrammatic poetry: The abstract illustration of language

Week Two: November 12th – Canada

The Four Horseman: bp Nichol, Paul Dutton & more
Sound poetry: Language as Sound, resonant, non-lingual, vocal.

Week Three: November 19th – Nigeria

The Mbari Club: Amos Tutuola, John Pepper Clark & more
Experimental mythology: Mythic tropes as paths to the new.

Week Four: November 26th – Brazil

Noigandres: Haroldo de Campos, Augusto de Campos & more
Concrete poetry: The visuality of the poem as its meaning

Week Five: December 3rd – Syria & Iraq

The Tammūzī Poets: Badr Shākir al-Sayyāb, Adonis & more
The ancient as modern: Free verse as liberation.

If you’d like to explore a world of avant garde movements, follow the link for course details and bookings or call the Poetry School offices on 0207 582 1679.

(Blog reposted from S J Fowler’s website). 

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