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Autumn 2023 – Quick Course Guide

Our Autumn Term is now live and we’ve got a whole host of brilliant tutors and courses lined up, so be sure to book promptly to avoid disappointment. Below is our handy Quick Course Guide, where you’ll find everything you’ll need to know.

Online Courses

Our classic 10-week online courses with Live Chats.

The Abandoned Necropolis: Horror & the Grotesque in Poetry with Vik Shirley
Dig through horrors and grotesquerie to exhume scary new poems.

‘The earthly runs to a stop…’: Endings as Practice & Subject with Ali Lewis
Consider ‘endings’ in all their forms – from the end of the line to the end of time.

Online courses without Live Chats, suitable for students in all time zones.

Poetry’s Cinematic Propositions with Elena Karina Byrne
Explore different points of view as you become director, cinematographer, and actor in new cinematic poems. 

‘Do I deserve this? I suppose I must’: Dramatic Writing in Lyric Poetry with Camille Ralphs
Learn how to develop and sustain individual voices in your writing, as we explore dramatic monologues, personae, and character poems.

Unravelling Mothers with Jennifer Wong
Rediscover this poignant theme through poetry that resists stereotypes and reimagines the experience of motherhood. 

The Poetry of Water with David Caddy
Wade through water’s cultural and environmental significance, as we dive into sea, coast, river, and pond in your poetry. 

Air in Unexpected Places with Andrew Wells 
Take a deep breath, prepare to air new work, and join us as we break out of the vacuum to explore the air around us. 

Transcend culture, languages, and genres to write poems and translations in response to wide readings.

‘Under the great ice sheet / A great country has been buried alive’: Transreading Myanmar Poetry with James Byrne
Explore poetry from Myanmar to inspire new work, as well as fresh ways of thinking about translation and writing through political turmoil and censorship.

Transreading Interdisciplinary Poetic Writing with Prototype’s Jess Chandler 
Experiment with hybrid and interdisciplinary approaches to poetic writing with Prototype Publishing. 

Gabach, Gleg, Glib: Transreading Scots & Gaelic Poetry with Harry Josephine Giles 
By unpacking Scottish poetry’s kist o riches, we can discover how thought and feeling echo across languages.  

Machines Poétiques: Transreading Twentieth-Century French Poetry with Iris Colomb & Jérémie Wenger 
Stretch and twist language(s) in this course examining the intersection of the mechanical and multilingual practices. 

Advanced and in-depth courses focusing on craft and theory.

Reverberations: The Poetry of Music Masterclass with Peter Hughes 
Explore rhythm, form, and harmony in the wordless patterns of music as inspiration for new poems. 

Drawing Language: Experimental Scores, Drawings, & Asemic Writing Masterclass with Sophie Seita 
Explore the intersection of writing, drawing, music, and performance as we create new work, adjacent to language. 

Vulgar Errors/Feral Subjects Masterclass with Fran Lock 
Take a walk on the wild side, as we explore animality and otherness, through the medieval Bestiary’s pantheon of fabulous animal others. 

Receive thoughtful critiques of 5 poems from your peers and an esteemed tutor.

Fortnightly Feedback with Cat Woodward 
Knock your loose poems into shape with some concentrated feedback from poet and tutor, Cat Woodward. 

Short, intensive courses focusing on writing and inspiration.

Writing from the Archive Studio with Remi Graves 
Lend voice, experimentation, and poetry to historical material in your writing. 

Multimodal Messages: Multimedia Latinx Studio+ with Elizabeth Torres 
Explore multimedia, multilingual, and multicultural Latin American poetry with poet, multimedia artist, and literary translator Elizabeth Torres. 

Seriously Wacky, or the Importance of Being Silly Studio with Liam Bates 
Dive into silliness in your writing, as we see how ‘messing about’ can produce unexpectedly profound poems. 

Video & In Person

Our flagship weekly workshop groups where you’ll find thoughtful critique and a welcoming poetry community.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Anthony Anaxagorou | Zoom
Develop your writing through discussion and feedback in this advanced workshop with Anthony Anaxagorou. 

Creative Constraint with Jacqueline Saphra | Zoom 
Mix up your writing, and learn new skills and techniques with Jacqueline Saphra. 

What Next? (Advanced) with Wayne Holloway-Smith | Zoom 
Challenge yourself, elevate your writing, and take the next steps in your poetry career. 

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Astrid Alben | In Person 
An exciting advanced workshop group with the innovative Astrid Alben. 

What Now? (Intermediate) with Wayne Holloway-Smith | Zoom 
Bring your writing to the next level and explore contemporary poetry’s cutting-edge. 

Wednesday Workshop with Tim Dooley | Zoom 
Our long-running weekly workshop with Tim Dooley, for poets looking to develop their individual voice and technique. 

Rachel Long’s Advanced Workshop with Special Guests | Zoom 
An exciting new advanced workshop group with the much-loved Rachel Long and the benefit of special guest tutors each term. 

Live Wires: Starting to Write with Becky Varley-Winter | Zoom
Spark your creativity and take your first steps into the world of poetry!  

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Mark Waldron | Zoom 
An advanced weekly workshop group with the inimitable Mark Waldron. 

Finding the Form; Breaking the Mould with Shazea Quraishi | Zoom 
Hone your craft, explore poetry’s inner workings, and look at techniques to help your poems achieve lift-off. 

Intermediate Poetry Workshop with Natasha Hakimi Zapata | Zoom 
Our weekly workshop for intermediate poets looking to develop their work. 

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Richard Price | Zoom 
Join this group for rigorous discussion of your writing with acclaimed poet Richard Price. 

Saturday Sessions with Ros Barber | In Person
Monthly all-day Saturday workshops with Ros Barber. 

Get in depth with these one-term courses.

Body-ody-ody-ody – A Study with Rachel Long | Zoom
Give your poetic body physical presence, as we render and write the physical body in new and interesting ways. 

‘O Soft Embalmer: The Poetry of Sleep with Sarah Fletcher | Zoom
Delve into the obscured world of sleep, as we explore its rich creative possibilities in exciting new work. 

Technique [How to Discover or Disown It] with Matthew Caley | Zoom
What training do you do to sustain and maintain yourself as a poet? Explore the essential work of writerly ‘technique’, as we consider new pathways into our writing. 

Intensive classes on inspiring topics and 1-2-1 surgeries with renowned tutors.

Put Chaos into Fourteen Lines: The Sonnet with Tristram Fane Saunders | In Person
Explore wild, untamed sonnets as inspiration for original new poems of your own in the world’s greatest verse form. 

Unhidden: The Poetry of Ecological & Personal Spaces with Romalyn Ante | Zoom
Explore environmental impermanence and resilience as we produce impactful new work, directly engaged with climate crises.

Short Controlled Bursts: Poems Inspired by the Movie ALIENS with Chrissy Williams | Zoom
A day of writing new poems, inspired by the movie ALIENS – one of the best films of the 1980s, and one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. We’re in the pipe, five by five… 

Our New Critical Friend: Writing Poetry Alongside AI with Kat Dixon | Zoom
Play with artificial intelligence to deepen your creative practice. 

Go Large: Writing & Sustaining Longer Poems with Katrina Naomi | In Person
Show your ambition and go large as we explore approaches to extended poetic endeavours. 

Poetry Surgery with Penny Boxall | In Person
In-depth 1-2-1 discussion on your poetry with poet and tutor Penny Boxall. 

Art & Advocacy: Poetry as Testimony & Social Change with Abbi Parcell | Zoom
Learn how to fuse art and advocacy to create lasting testimonies and use your poetry as a powerful tool for collective action. 

Yippee-Ki-Yay: Poems Inspired by DIE HARD with Chrissy Williams | Zoom
Join us for a day in December writing new poems inspired by the classic Christmas movie DIE HARD. Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…

If you’d like to read more, please visit our Courses page. If you need any information on concessions or bursaries, please have a look through our Financial Support page or send an email to [email protected]. Happy booking!

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