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Autumn 2015: New Courses and Workshops

Here’s a quick look at what’s on offer for our Autumn Term (beginning 14 September 2015). To find out about a particular course or tutor, follow the title links or call us to enquire on 0207 582 1679. If you’d like to print out a copy of our brochure to look through at home, you can find a print-friendly .pdf version here


30 Week Courses

‘Versification’ – Mimi Khalvati
‘Advanced Poetry Workshop’ – Hannah Lowe
‘New Ways In’ – Roddy Lumsden
‘Taking Your Writing Further’ – Myra Schneider
‘Routes into Poetry’ – Tamar Yoseloff
‘Advanced Poetry Workshop with Special Guests’ – Kathryn Maris
‘Advanced Poetry Workshop’ – Matthew Caley
‘Training the Poem’ – Jacqueline Saphra
‘Poetry & Prose’ – Myra Schneider
‘Intermediate Poetry Workshop’ – Roddy Lumsden
‘Saturday Sessions’ – Ros Barber

Short Courses

‘Poetry Postbox’ – Miriam Nash
‘Sounds and Sweet Airs’ – Meryl Pugh
‘Devouring and Creation’ – Rosie Shepperd
’16 Ways of Writing a Poem’ – Mario Petrucci
‘Developing a Style’ – Tim Dooley
‘The Poetic Archivist’ – Nick Field
‘Winning Ways to Make the Shortlist’ – Saradha Soobrayen
‘Mondo: The Global Avant Garde’ – S J Fowler

One Day Workshops and Events

‘Poetry and Comics’ – Chrissy Williams
‘The Poetry of Wolf Hall’ – Ellen Cranitch
‘Author Photo Day’ – Marcos Avlonitis
‘Streetwise’ – Penelope Shutte
‘Poetry and Visual Art’ – Tamar Yoseloff
‘Visiting the Dead’ Anna Robinson


‘Instructions for Throwing Your Voice’ – Clare Shaw
‘Rewriting Dante’ – Edmund Prestwich
‘Saturday Sessions’ – Ann and Peter Sansom


‘The Voice in the Poem’ – Lucy Lepchani
‘Writing Your Losses’ – Jennie Osbourne


‘Poetry Studio’ – Fiona Hamilton

Online Courses

‘Minimalism: from Within and Without’ – Ira Lightman
‘The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep: Articulating Death’ – Beverley Nadin
‘Creatrix: Women’s Poetries for the 21st Century’ – Claire Askew
‘A Poet’s Field Guide: Close Reading & Writing’ – Daniel Eltringham
”So This is How We Love’: Writing Poems, Writing People’ – Jonathan Edwards
‘Surviving the Future: Poetry for Pre-Apocalyptic Times’ – Suzannah Evans
‘The Pleasures of Prose Poetry’ – Carrie Etter
‘Life on the Edge: Writing the Hinterlands and Suburbs’ – Holly Hopkins
‘Cosmic Compositions: Exploring Astronomy Through Poetry’ – Clare Trevien

Reading Groups

‘The Indefinable Alice Oswald’ – Kathryn Maris
‘The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century’ – Chris McCabe and Victoria Bean

International Courses

‘Transreading Scandinavia’ – Ezlbieta Wojcik-Leese

Feedback Courses

‘Feedback Course with Andy Brown’
‘Feedback Course with Steve Ely’

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