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All the groups in our Network.

Site-seeing (Autumn 2017)

Private Course Group with 15 members

Stay put and explore the rich and peculiar landscapes that roll under your poetry

Hyper-Spectacle Studio

Private Course Group with 19 members

Keep your work vital and disruptive in a shifting world by writing poetry where it has no business being

Keeping Our Wits

Private Course Group with 12 members

Sharpen your wits with a look at 17th century poetry through contemporary eyes and at contemporary poetry through 17th century eyes.

Routes into Poetry 2016

Private Course Group with 30 members

This course is appropriate for beginners and those who have written some poetry but who would like to take a more structured approach to their writing. You will examine the basics of rhyme, metre, verse forms, lineation and stanza structure. Through exercises, reading, writing and feedback, you will also begin to construct a voice, to create shapes on the page and develop your first drafts with confidence. (If you are a
complete beginner, we recommend you download our course How to Write Poetry before you take Tamar’s course.)

The Unsent, Unanswered Letter (Autumn 2017)

Private Course Group with 6 members

Evoke those feelings that are most difficult to articulate by writing letter poems to real and imagined, present and absent, recipients


Private Course Group with 16 members

Take a walk on the wild side and explore the diverse world of contemporary nature and eco-poetry with Fiona Benson.

Mixed Borders 2017

Private Group with 26 members

A private group for poets-in-residence and mentors on the 2017 Mixed Borders scheme.

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Fortnightly Feedback with David Tait

Private Course Group with 19 members

Reinvigorate those discarded poems with feedback from David Tait and fellow students.


Poem 1 = May 22

Poem 2 = June 5

Poem 3 = June 19

Poem 4 = July 3

Poem 5 = July 17


The Unsent, Unanswered Letter

Private Course Group with 16 members

A course imagining our addressee; how the addressee shifts or remains static, and to whom we most want to reach when we write a poem