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Twit twit twit: Patricia Lockwood

The title of my residency is ‘This Twittering World’, a reference to T.S. Eliot’s Burnt Norton and, also, Twitter. I discovered a lot of my now favourite poets through Twitter when I joined several years ago. It also was an eye-opener into how the poetic mind works, shoring its ideas into small fragments.

In this regular series, I will be focusing on several poets who are on Twitter and showcasing some of my favourites from their previous tweets. Some poets are incredibly profound, and others are more humorous.

The first is Patricia Lockwood. Patricia’s poetry is strange and beguiling. Of the poems I have read of hers, they can often be meandering and perplexing. She is one of a handful of modern poets that has had a poem which has gone ‘viral’. This poem – Rape Joke – is arresting and one of her more serious works. It was shared over 30,000 times on Facebook and was retweeted over 2,400 on Twitter – far and away her favourite Tweet. Her poetry may be serious, but on Twitter, she’s in it for the LOLs. She is one of the funniest people I follow, and I have picked some of her best and wittiest tweets. Enjoy!










alexmacdonaldAlex MacDonald lives and works in London. He has had his poetry published in The Quietus, Clinic II and English PEN and was shortlisted for the Poetry School / Pig Hog Poetry Pamphlet Competition. He hosted a series of readings at the V&A Museum on independent poetry publishers. He is currently Digital Poet in Residence at the Poetry School.


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