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Twit Twit Twit: Charol-Annnnn Dhuffy

One of the great things about Twitter is how people can take on personalities for comic affects. There’s a fake Queen, fake Prince Charles, fake David Cameron, so why not have a fake Carol-Ann Duffy? Young_Laureate’s tweets are hilarious and weird, and have very little to do with C.A.D. (or do they?) but the idiosyncrasies and oddness of the tweets are part of the charm, and the reason I follow our Dear Leader.







Twit Twit Twit is a regular series where I will be focusing on several poets who are on Twitter and showcasing some of my favourites from their previous tweets.


alexmacdonaldAlex MacDonald lives and works in London. He has had his poetry published in The Quietus, Clinic II and English PEN and was shortlisted for the Poetry School / Pig Hog Poetry Pamphlet Competition. He hosted a series of readings at the V&A Museum on independent poetry publishers. He is currently Digital Poet in Residence at the Poetry School.


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