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A la carte poetry workshops, straight to your hometown

Our Travelling Workshops are suitable for groups of 4-16 people, and can be arranged at a time that best suits your group.

If you don’t live close to one of our teaching centres, we can bring a workshop to you and your poetry writing friends, in the comfort of your own home.


Here’s a menu of workshops that we currently offer anywhere in the country:

Tutor Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Mandy Coe Jump Right In: unlocking the muse and writing Bring It On: generating fresh ideas; polishing and publishing Being Bold: expanding voice, styles and goals
Graham Fawcett The Poet’s Journey Reading Poems in their Time and Place Translating the Poem
Roddy Lumsden Improving Poems for Competitions and Magazines Story Lines Here and There And Now
Mimi Khalvati Finding the Subject Finding the Form Writing a Sequence
Mario Petrucci Surprise, Surprise Capturing the Moment 16 Ways of Writing a Poem
Clare Pollard Faking it Up with the Truth Write What You Don’t Know Poetry & Audience
Clare Pollard Sound Poems Acting Up Assembling a Manuscript
Clare Pollard  /  / Translations & Versions
Tamar Yoseloff Free Verse Lineation Poetry & Landscape (urban or rural) Poetry & Art

If there is a subject or type of teaching that you want, but is not covered here, let us know and we will try and arrange something to suit, although please be aware that this might cost a little bit more than a standard Travelling Workshop.


The fee for a day’s workshop (five hours with an hour for lunch) is £400. The minimum number of students a tutor would need in a workshop is 4 and the maximum is 16, but between those numbers it is up to you how many people you have in your group and therefore how much you charge them individually. You will also need to budget for workshop venue hire, the tutor’s travel and any necessary overnight accommodation for him / her. Download our fact sheet on everything you need to consider when booking a workshop.

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