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Finding a Style

Private Group with 3 members

This is the first of a trio of student-centred courses designed both for relative beginners looking for a more structured approach to their writing and for experienced writers looking to widen their repertoire or make a fresh start. You will have the opportunity to develop one or more approaches to writing and start to build up a body of creative work with a definite individual identity. You will examine the basics of free and formal verse structures, but also consider different ways into writing and different ways in which writing can engage with public or private themes. Through exercises, reading, writing, group feedback and small group planning sessions, you will be encouraged to construct an independent voice, to create shapes on the page and develop your writing with confidence.

The Poetry Library Lock-In

Private Group with 2 members

This is a Campus group associated with the Poetry Library Lock-in course, a place for course members to share work, resources and conversation.

Course description: A new course for poetry writers and readers, to celebrate the Poetry Library’s 60th anniversary. Poets and regular Library users Claire Crowther, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Fiona Moore, Daljit Nagra and James Wilkes, in discussion with resident Librarians and course students, will talk about their discoveries in the Library and the new work it has led to. After-hours access to the Library’s collection of books, audio, video and ephemera will inspire new poems and deepen understanding of current trends in contemporary poetry. This course is suitable for people looking for independent inspiration for new work and also those wanting informal but in-depth poetry discussion.