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All the groups in our Network.

Thinking Studio

Private Course Group with 12 members

Explore how it feels to think – to hope, to notice, to change – and in so doing paint a vivid and familiar picture of how it feels to be human.

Mixed Borders 2017

Private Group with 27 members

A private group for poets-in-residence and mentors on the 2017 Mixed Borders scheme.

Please do not click ‘Leave Group’ as this will remove you from the group permanently.

The Art of Memory: Poetry of the Past and Present

Private Course Group with 5 members

Investigate how poetry can engage with memory, both individual and collective, in order to reflect on the past and produce innovative work aiming towards the future.

Ugliness Studio

Private Course Group with 6 members

An intensive studio course on bad language, bad form and bad taste.

Poetry and Pattern

Private Course Group with 10 members

Find out what makes a poet a pattern-maker alongside mathmetician and poet Ira Lightman.

Secrets & Lies (Spring 2017)

Private Course Group with 16 members

Sell your readers tall tales in this repeat of Kathryn Simmonds’ popular course.

Poetry & Visual Art

Private Group with 14 members

This is a Campus group associated with Tamar Yoseloff’s Poetry & Visual Art courses, a place for course members to share work, resources and conversation.

Course description: Poets have long drawn inspiration from painters and sculptors; with the rise of a new generation of artists challenging traditional media, can we find in them a source for poems which push boundaries in a similar manner? Tamar will take you into gallery spaces to engage with contemporary art and to encourage new poems in response. You will also look at parallels between the gallery as a space for exhibition and
the page as a dynamic space for composition, and, based on the tutors’ own experience, will discuss the technicalities of artist / poet collaborations, publications and residencies.

The Poetry of the Sacred

Private Group with 11 members

How does poetry reach towards a new understanding of the unknown?

Women’s Sonnets Studio

Private Course Group with 5 members

Explore how women have claimed the sonnet as a vehicle of self-expression, and write your own sonnets.

Poets of the Beat

Public Group with 21 members

This Group has blossomed in the wake of Rishi Dastidar’s Lyric iPod Course. It is a space for listening, writing and sharing feedback on poems inspired by music. Everything from Classical to Jazz to Hip Hop will be on the turntable. Every fortnight a fresh playlist and theme will be selected by Group members to spark new poems.

Routes into Poetry 2016 / 17

Private Group with 19 members

A course for beginners and intermediate writers who want structured learning about rhyme, metre, verse forms, lineation and stanzas.

This course is appropriate for beginners and those who have written some poetry but who would like to take a more structured approach to their writing. You will examine the basics of rhyme, metre, verse forms, lineation and stanza structure. Through exercises, reading, writing and feedback, you will also begin to construct a voice, to create shapes on the page and develop your first drafts with confidence. (If you are a complete beginner, we recommend you download our course How to Write Poetry before you take Tammy’s course).

Homeric Epics, The Poems of Journeys

Private Group with 12 members

As when the south wind spreads a curtain of mist upon the mountain tops, bad for shepherds but better than night for thieves, and a man can see no further than he can throw a stone, even so rose the dust from under their feet as they made all speed over the plain.

The Unsent, Unanswered Letter

Private Course Group with 14 members

A course imagining our addressee; how the addressee shifts or remains static, and to whom we most want to reach when we write a poem

David Lynch Studio

Private Course Group with 21 members

Write on Lynchian themes, including dreams, identity, sexuality and the supernatural world of love.