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All the groups in our Network.

New North Poets 2017/18

Private Group with 7 members

A private group for poets selected for the New North Poets scheme with The Poetry School and New Writing North. This group is for discussion between participants, Poetry School staff and your tutor, Clare Pollard. Live chats will also take place in this group.

Routes into Poetry 2017/18

Private Group with 19 members

For beginner writers who want to explore some definitions of poetry; and to start some structured learning about rhyme, metre, verse forms, lineation and stanzas.

Haiku Rebellion Studio (Spring 2018)

Private Course Group with 19 members

Re-visit the most misunderstood of all the poetic forms and contribute towards making the ordinary extraordinary

Poetry & Visual Art

Private Group with 26 members

This is a Campus group associated with Tamar Yoseloff’s Poetry & Visual Art courses, a place for course members to share work, resources and conversation.

Course description: Poets have long drawn inspiration from painters and sculptors; with the rise of a new generation of artists challenging traditional media, can we find in them a source for poems which push boundaries in a similar manner? Tamar will take you into gallery spaces to engage with contemporary art and to encourage new poems in response. You will also look at parallels between the gallery as a space for exhibition and
the page as a dynamic space for composition, and, based on the tutors’ own experience, will discuss the technicalities of artist / poet collaborations, publications and residencies.

Queer Studio

Private Course Group with 18 members

How might we eschew a life built upon lies, secrets and silence? And how might a “queer” poetics free us of our emotional chains?

Fortnightly Feedback with Kathryn Maris

Private Course Group with 17 members

Do you have a heap of discarded poems which just won’t work no matter how many revisions you make? The Poetry School’s Fortnightly Feedback provide a place for the general improvement of left-for-dead poems in need of resuscitation. Bring poems of any shape or size once a fortnight and receive detailed feedback from your tutor and general advice from fellow students. These courses are ideal for those looking to ready poems for magazine submission.