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The Urban Pastoral

Private Course Group with 13 members

This is the CAMPUS Group for students enrolled on ‘The Urban Pastoral’ course led by Tim Dooley & Tamar Yoseloff.

‘Aesthetic Experiments’ (Open Workshop)

Private Group with 20 members

Have you ever wanted to completely experiment with design of poem? Manipulate a piece of text to make something once drab, now visually stunning and fantastical? Or give serious thought to how form might best reflect content?

This Open Workshop with Lavinia Singer, the Poetry School’s Digital Poet in Residence, is all about appearances. Choosing one of three suggested poems, you will have complete freedom to present it in any way you see fit. Think about your choice of materials, layout, typography, colours, collage elements, images or illustrations – whatever you’d like to bring the text alive. We will then share our work and compare processes, where you will have a chance to outline your choices and consider how successful they were.

MA in Writing Poetry 2018/20

Private Group with 6 members

This is a group for students enrolled on the Poetry School’s MA in Writing Poetry in partnership with Newcastle University, 2018/20.

NaPoWriMo 2018

Private Group with 295 members

Welcome to #NaPoWriMo 2018 with the Poetry School.

Just like last year, we’ll be providing an inspiring writing prompt every day of April, which is National (and now World!) Poetry Writing Month.

Here’s how it works:

The prompts will be posted daily in this Campus group (note: not via email!). Just click #NaPoWriMoPrompts, underneath the ‘Say Something’ box, to go directly to the day’s prompt.

We encourage you to post your poems in the group, and share in the discussion! The group is open to everyone, so invite your friends. (Want help posting? Click #FAQs).


Don’t click the rather tempting ‘Leave Group’ button as this will permanently remove you from the group!

Try to avoid using your own hashtags (#) as it clutters the hashtag menu at the top.

Please have a read of the #FAQs (next to #NaPoWriMoPrompts) before you get started!

Homeric Epics, The Poems of Journeys

Private Group with 14 members

As when the south wind spreads a curtain of mist upon the mountain tops, bad for shepherds but better than night for thieves, and a man can see no further than he can throw a stone, even so rose the dust from under their feet as they made all speed over the plain.

The Line Break

Public Group with 126 members

The Line Break is a free monthly podcast about writing poetry, hosted by Ryan Van Winkle and produced by Colin Fraser. During The Line Break, Colin and Ryan will be re-visiting the archives and bringing you some of their favourite interviews and readings with poets from around the world. Blended with the archive recordings will be Ryan’s exclusive new commentary, introducing fresh themes, additional ideas, and creative provocations.

Each episode, Ryan will also offer a few ‘poetry sparks’ for you to try out, opportunities to pause the podcast and work on your own poem-writing assignments. Every episode will offer a multitude of these fun exercises that can be easily fitted into a lunch break or the commute home.

You can use this group to listen to the podcast, upload new work inspired by each episode, and share other related material. And Ryan will be popping his head in and out too, so don’t feel afraid to ask a question!

Full details here:

Pareidolia Studio

Private Group with 16 members

Unlock the potential of your surroundings with creative mis-perception

MA in Writing Poetry 2017/19

Private Group with 14 members

This is a group for students enrolled on the Poetry School’s MA in Writing Poetry in partnership with Newcastle University, 2017/19.

Deep Diving Poetry – the Language of Coastlines and the Sea

Private Course Group with 15 members

Is your version of the sea Derek Walcott’s ‘grey vault’ of history or are its ‘edges overgrown with lace’ as Ivan V Lalic would have it? The seascape has long been a favourite with poets, yet our relationship with it has never been entirely comfortable: it threatens to rise, swallows planes whole, and a large portion of its depths remains unchartered and unknown. In this course, we will look at the different ways in which the sea can inspire, intrude and disrupt your writing practice. From creatures of the deep to submerged forests, from coast-cultures to the sea as a foreign planet, you will encounter a variety of texts that will encourage you to create work that engages with the sea’s multiple facets. (This is a repeat of a course that has run previously).