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All the groups in our Network.

Butcher’s Dogs

Public Group with 107 members

News updates, calls for submissions, insights into the editing process and general chat about poetry….

Butcher’s Dog is a biannual poetry magazine, founded in the North East of England by six poets who met through a Poetry School/New Writing North development programme in 2011.

Hyper-Spectacle Studio

Private Course Group with 18 members

Keep your work vital and disruptive in a shifting world by writing poetry where it has no business being

NaPoWriMo 2017

Private Group with 577 members

April is National Poetry Writing Month. Join us, and write a poem a day for the whole month! We’ll be supplying a fresh prompt every morning to get you writing, and an example poem to get you in the right frame of mind. Post your poems in the group, and share in the discussion! This group is open to everyone – invite your friends.

Prompts will be posted in the group (not via email). First, make sure you’re in the group, not on the Campus homepage, then click #NaPoWriMoPrompts at the top of the page to see all of the prompts.

Poet of the Day

Public Group with 1 member

A group to share old and new voices, on their birthday and other occasions.

Translation & Poetry

Public Group with 18 members

A group for poetry in translation and translated poets. Post recent discoveries, theory, questions and your own translations or poems you’d like someone else to help translate. Partly inspired by Modern Poetry in Translation magazine (check out their wonderful archive:

Ugliness Studio

Private Group with 22 members

An intensive studio course on bad language, bad form and bad taste.

MA in Writing Poetry 2016/18

Private Group with 9 members

This is the closed group for students enrolled on the Poetry School’s MA in Writing Poetry in partnership with Newcastle University, 2016/18, and studying in London.

Mixed Borders 2017

Private Group with 27 members

A private group for poets-in-residence and mentors on the 2017 Mixed Borders scheme.

Please do not click ‘Leave Group’ as this will remove you from the group permanently.

Blackout Poets

Public Group with 38 members

A space for poets to show poems created by Modernist techniques such blackout, erasure, cut-ups and collage.

Women’s Sonnets Studio

Private Group with 19 members

Explore how women have claimed the sonnet as a vehicle of self-expression, and write your own sonnets.

Your full schedule is now as follows…

July 3rd = Assignment 1 posted

July 10th = Assignment 2 posted


July 17th = Assignment 3 posted / POEM SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR ASSIGNMENT 2