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The Poetry of the Sacred

Private Group with 11 members

How does poetry reach towards a new understanding of the unknown?

The Art of Memory: Poetry of the Past and Present

Private Course Group with 16 members

Investigate how poetry can engage with memory, both individual and collective, in order to reflect on the past and produce innovative work aiming towards the future.

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Public Group with 1 member

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Teachers’ Lounge

Private Group with 20 members

An online staffroom for Poetry School tutors. Bring your own biscuits.

Poetry & Visual Art

Private Group with 14 members

This is a Campus group associated with Tamar Yoseloff’s Poetry & Visual Art courses, a place for course members to share work, resources and conversation.

Course description: Poets have long drawn inspiration from painters and sculptors; with the rise of a new generation of artists challenging traditional media, can we find in them a source for poems which push boundaries in a similar manner? Tamar will take you into gallery spaces to engage with contemporary art and to encourage new poems in response. You will also look at parallels between the gallery as a space for exhibition and
the page as a dynamic space for composition, and, based on the tutors’ own experience, will discuss the technicalities of artist / poet collaborations, publications and residencies.

Every Word Counts

Private Course Group with 16 members

Learn how to edit, cut and redraft your poems.

The ABCs of Poetry – a Poetry Foundation Course

Private Group with 9 members

If you know you want to write, but you need a structured introduction to poetry’s possibilities, this is the course for you. Liane will inspire you to write your own poems through guided and structured reading, analysis and discussion of poems by poets whose names begin with the letter A, B, or C (Akhmahtova, Bishop, Carver etc), and you will learn the ABCs of writing poetry (shaping the line, trying out form, drawing on the resources of prosody, controlling tone and voice) along the way.

Blackout Poets

Public Group with 39 members

A space for poets to show poems created by Modernist techniques such blackout, erasure, cut-ups and collage.

The Melting Poet: Multiculturalism & Cultural Difference (Online International Course)

Private Course Group with 16 members

Write poetry that articulates and appreciates cultural differences, and find unity in our different origins and life journeys.

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24 Jan = COURSE START DATE, first assignment posted

31 Jan / 31 Jan – 6 Feb = Poem 1 submission deadline / Feedback week

7 Feb – New assignment posted

14 Feb / 14 Feb – 20 Feb = Poem 2 submission deadline / Feedback week

21 Feb – New assignment posted

28 Feb / 28 Feb – 6 Mar = Poem 3 submission deadline / Feedback week

7 Mar – New assignment posted

14 Mar / 14 Mar – 20 Mar = Poem 4 submission deadline / Feedback week

21 Mar – New assignment posted

28 Mar / 28 Mar – 3 Apr = Poem 5 submission deadline / Feedback week


Folklore Studio

Private Course Group with 21 members

Explore folklore and myth in your poetry.