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Dark Canadee

Dark Canadee is a twisted poetry fantasy, set in an alternative Canada Water, and tailor-made by T.S. Eliot Prize-nominated Glyn Maxwell for the times in which we find ourselves. The project takes the form of a serial literary fiction where, each fortnight, 6 poets sail into a dark port to take shelter from a swirling plague and join clandestine writing workshops. The world is fabricated, but the poems are real, submitted by participants before each voyage, and Glyn’s feedback on these is genuine, being skilfully woven into each narrative. Part avant-garde tutorial, part publishing experiment, this promises to be a unique experience and we hope you would like to join us for these final sessions of the season.

Read Dark Canadee

Read The Pilot Voyage here

29th January, featuring Roger Bloor, Vanessa Lampert, Sara Levy and Samuel Prince

Read The First Voyage here

19th February, featuring Stephen Boorman, Diana Cockburn, Katie Colombus, Helen Curtis, Janet Smith and Chris Welch

Read The Second Voyage here

5th March, featuring Caroline Davies, Kate B Hall, Antony Mair, Kitty Martin, Greta Ross and Nisa Saiyid

Read The Third Voyage here

30th March, featuring Anne East, Erica Jane Morris, Sandra Galton, Emma Simon, Vishvantara and Barry Tench

Read The Fourth Voyage here

26th April, featuring Matt Bryden, Jennifer Jones, Jeanne Cannizzo, Kate Edwards, Shardool Kulkarni and Emilio Puerta

Read The Fifth Voyage here

17th May, featuring Laila Anne Farnes, Annabelle Markwick-Staff, Melinda Zimmerman, Helen Eastman, Kate Ghyll and Huan Zhang

Read the Sixth Voyage here

19th July, featuring Magdalen McInerney, Helen Reid, Linda Weiss, Katherine Lockton, Natalia Sharyshova and Eva Hilberg

Read the Season Finale here

16th August, featuring Beatriz Echeverri, Elontra Hall, Candida Dexter, Barbara Harrison, Isabella Chang and Gillie Robic

As you’ll see, the project is expansive, Glyn’s feedback is detailed and extensive, and the overall experience is totally unique. We will publish each instalment in an online Poetry School Magazine, featuring innovative writing, reviews, criticism, and new poetry. Alongside being an exciting piece of literary fiction and an experimental poetry workshop, we envision Dark Canadee as an anthology of the poems published within it and a future compendium of sage advice, critique, and direction on what readers can learn about poetry and apply to their own writing and lives, in the vein of Glyn’s earlier books On Poetry and Drinks with Dead Poets.

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