Fortnightly Feedback with Arji Manuelpillai

Fortnightly Feedback with Arji Manuelpillai

Knock your loose poems into shape with some concentrated feedback from poet and PBS pamphlet choice selector, Arji Manuelpillai. 

Do you have a heap of poems that just won’t work, no matter how many revisions you make? Our Fortnightly Feedback course provides a place for the improvement of left-for-dead poems in need of resuscitation. Bring in-progress drafts once a fortnight for advice and feedback from your peers, before submitting a final draft to the tutor for detailed comment, criticism, and direction. These courses are ideal for those looking to get a selection of poems ready for magazine submission. 

8 May – course start 

22 May – 1st poem submission (feedback from tutor posted by 29 May) 

5 Jun – 2nd poem submission (feedback from tutor posted by 12 Jun) 

19 Jun – 3rd poem submission (feedback from tutor posted by 26 Jun) 

3 Jul – 4th poem submission (feedback from tutor posted by 10 Jul) 

17 Jul – 5th poem submission (feedback from tutor posted by 24 Jul) 


Submit 5 poems (no more than 1 side of A4 per poem) for detailed feedback over the 11 weeks. No live chats. Suitable for UK & International students.  


Concessions & Accessibility

To apply for a concessionary rate, please send relevant documentation showing your eligibility for one of our concessions to [email protected]; conditions of eligibility are detailed here. If you have any questions, wish to be added to the waiting list of a sold-out course, or require any form of adjustment to access our courses, please email [email protected]For more information visit our Online Courses page.

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Arji Manuelpillai, a distinguished poet and creative facilitator based in London, gained prominence as the Jerwood/Arvon Mentee mentored by Hannah Lowe. His debut pamphlet, Mutton Rolls (Out-Spoken Press, 2020), captivated readers, setting the stage for his acclaimed release, Improvised Explosive Device (Penned in the Margins, 2022). This highly praised work earned a spot in The Telegraph‘s Top 20 poetry books and The Guardian‘s best recent poetry section, securing Winter PBS selection and a Derek Walcott Prize Shortlist. 

Arji not only excels on the page but also amplifies his poetic passion through ‘Arji’s Poetry Pickle Jar’, a popular podcast for poetry enthusiasts. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role as the PBS pamphlet choice selector, showcasing his keen eye for exceptional poetry.

"The Poetry School has helped me learn about editing my poetry, a really important skill in becoming a better poet. It has also helped me find a creative community, which living abroad now I really value."

– Autumn 2023 survey response

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