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Poetry & Visual Art Gallery Day Schedule Announced

Interested in poetry and art? Then join our upcoming course with Tamar Yoseloff, featuring a gallery day on Saturday 13th May, followed by a writing workshop on June 10th.

Students here will be treated to an exclusive tour of ‘The High Low Show’ in the Laure Genillard gallery, led by the show’s curator, Paul Carey-Kent. Then, after lunch, there’s then an even bigger treat, as students get shown around the Serpentine Gallery’s ‘A World View: John Latham’ by Barbara Stevani, John Latham’s widow, and Gareth Bell-Jones, the Curator/Director of John Latham’s home in Peckham, which now houses his archive.

A World View: John Latham. Serpentine Gallery.

11.00am-12pm: Laure Genillard, London W1T 1HB. ‘The High Low Show’

12:30-1:30pm: Broad Walk Café, Kensington Gardens, W2 4RU (or free lunch hour)

1:45pm: Serpentine Gallery, London, W2 3XA ‘A World View: John Latham’

4:00-5:00pm: Lido Bar and Café, The Serpentine Lido, London W2 2UH (round-up)

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to access private tours of some of the most exciting art being exhibited currently and then use this as inspiration for your own writing!

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Image Credits:

Film Star, John Latham.