Writing as Wanting: Desire Studio

Writing as Wanting: Desire Studio

Explore the boundaries of writing from, about and naming desire

‘I fantasise I desire and know what desire is. That’s how fantasising helps me to understand. Every possibility doesn’t become actual fact. So knowing is separate from acting in the common world.’ – Kathy Acker, Don Quixote

All writing comes from desire, as well as often being explicitly about it. This Studio will keep both elements of desire and writing in play – the desire for language, and the possible articulations of desire. How can we handle desire in, and for, our writing? In this course we’ll explore the boundaries of writing from, about, and naming desire through the non-poetical work of (among others) Kathy Acker, Hélène Cixous, Roland Barthes, as well as contemporary and mainly ‘experimental’ poets. Our aim is not to privilege the romantic or the erotic, but to bring into play all our wants. Over the three assignments, we’ll look first at feeling desire, then formulating desire, and finally desire and the political. We’ll use the lenses of dreams, the body and politics to move inward and outward through language. By the end of the course you’ll have met some new poets, explored ways of critically thinking about poetry through non-poetic texts, from novels to philosophy to literary theory, and have developed your approach to working with the white heat of wanting.

Studios are three week intensive courses. Reading material will be distributed before the course begins. There are no live chats so they are suitable for both UK & International students. 

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Gloria Dawson lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. She writes poetry, essays, and work for performance, and is recently published in Zarf, Datableed, para.text and The Literateur. Her work has been shown at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and anthologised in Remembering Oluwale (Valley Press, 2016). Her first pamphlet is out in Spring 2018 with Zarf Press. See more at http://cargocollective.com/gloriadawson

‘For a very new poet like myself, writing in a range of languages, it has opened up networks and support that otherwise I would not have. It has given me the confidence to write more and to explore new techniques.’

Autumn 2017 Survey response

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