Writing After the Films of Stanley Kubrick (Spring 2023)

Writing After the Films of Stanley Kubrick (Spring 2023)

Explore the unconventional in this workshop inspired by one of cinema’s most-influential directors.

* This course will take place on video-conferencing platform ZOOM *

The wide-reaching impact of Stanley Kubrick’s films on the history of cinema is undeniable. Critics, film historians, directors and actors frequently cite him as one of the most-influential directors of all time, making films as diverse as 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, Barry Lyndon, and Spartacus. But what can the man who once said ‘Observation is a dying art’ teach us about poetry?  

This course will consider film technique, such as the pioneering shooting methods, the uses of framing, camera movement and music, and the innovations in storytelling that are Kubrick’s legacy. We will think about how each film is constructed and draw out what we can apply to our own linguistic practice as poets. What constitutes an unconventional narrative in poetry? What is a black and white poem? What might a journey through the infinite cosmos portrayed in colour and sound and light look like on a page? We will look at unusual poems by existing poets to help us find our way.

Kubrick himself and his films, however, are often troubling. There is evidence of his mistreatment of actors, the questionable and often misogynistic portrayals of women, as well as the banning of one of his films by Kubrick himself, all of which we will need to address. There is a fundamental darkness and intensity to Kubrick’s work that can be uncomfortable to face, and while this course will require a willingness to engage with difficult topics, we will also endeavour to build a safe space in which to discuss and share our ideas. 

This course will be taught on Zoom, and will look at ten Stanley Kubrick films (listed in full below), in chronological order. You will be given access to a stream of each film one week ahead of class, and you are welcome to sign up to as few or as many of the sessions as you like. 

Each session will stand alone, and won’t repeat material from other sessions. We’ll look at engaging clips from each film, and there will be a mixture of discussion and practical exercises designed to generate new work. You will also get access to a private chat group online where you can share poems with your fellow students between classes if you wish.

Please join this dynamic new class and come play with us… forever… and ever… and ever…

10 weekly sessions on Mondays, 7–9pm (GMT), starts 23 January 2023. 

Course/Movie Schedule:

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23 Jan – Paths of Glory
30 Jan – Spartacus
6 Feb – Lolita
13 Feb – Dr. Strangelove
20 Feb – 2001: A Space Odyssey
27 Feb – A Clockwork Orange
6 Mar – Barry Lyndon
13 Mar – The Shining
20 Mar – Full Metal Jacket
27 Mar – Eyes Wide Shut

NB content warnings: Lolita (child abuse, paedophilia); A Clockwork Orange (sexual violence and assault, suicide); The Shining (domestic violence); Full Metal Jacket (violence, racism, suicide).

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  • 7 sessions £174
  • 10 sessions: £202 

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