Working with Collage

Working with Collage

Explore collage and re-appropriation with Linda Black, learning how these processes can create exciting and original poems of your own.

Working with poetic ‘collage’ is an alternative method of sourcing material for your work and acquiring a new writing technique in the process. In this workshop, you will free your mind from its usual contexts and explore the re-appropriation of words and phrases that aren’t your own. You are adept at using words – your own words, derived from your own mind; be it from inner delving or the effects of external objects, places and experiences. This workshop will teach you how to use words and phrases from a variety of sources – chosen for their different style, tone, and genre (such as travel writing, gardening guides, philosophical texts, and technical documents) – and explore how transposing these into other contexts can create exciting new meanings and innovative new poems of your own.

Saturday 27 October. One-day workshop, 10.30am – 4.30pm.

This workshop will be in our new offices at 1 Dock Offices, Surrey Quays Road, Canada Water, SE16 2XU. The venue is a 2-minute walk from Canada Water Station. Take the ‘Lower Road’ exit from the station onto Surrey Quays Road, then walk straight ahead, crossing over Deal Porters Way, and the Dock Offices come up on the left. The door for the school is at the far end of the building.

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Linda Black is an award-winning poet and visual artist. Her fourth collection, Slant, was published by Shearsman in 2016; Root came out in 2011 and Inventory  2008. The Son of a Shoemaker (Hearing Eye 2012) consisting of collaged prose-poems based on the early life of Hans Christian Andersen, plus the author’s illustrations, was the subject of a Poetry Cafe exhibition in 2013. She is co-editor of Long Poem Magazine:

‘The Poetry School is the only place I know where there is a real choice of different ways to work on your poetic skills, with constant encouragement and support.’

– Spring 2018 survey response

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