Unhidden: The Poetry of Ecological & Personal Spaces

Unhidden: The Poetry of Ecological & Personal Spaces

Explore environmental impermanence and resilience as we produce impactful new work, directly engaged with climate crises.

We will begin the first session of this 2 x half-day course with some quick writing exercises to encourage our creative energy, followed by reading and discussion of the work of published poets, such as Denise Levertov, Galway Kinell, Seán Hewitt, Yvonne Reddick, Pascale Petit, and more. 

Over the duration of the course, we will draft our own poems in response to our natural spaces and climate crises, experimenting with writing from different imaginative, witnessed, and experienced perspectives to uncover hidden spaces and look into the concepts of environmental impermanence and resilience.  

Through this workshop, you will be able to tune into the rhythms of the natural world, and our own personal and political connections to it, whilst also producing innovative, impactful new work, directly engaged with climate issues we all currently face and, hopefully, inspiring your readers towards collective action and a brighter future. 

2 Half-day Zoom sessions, running 2–4.30pm (BST), on 14 & 21 October 2023.

To apply for a concession rate, please send relevant documentation showing your eligibility for one of our concessions to administ[email protected]. Conditions of eligibility are detailed here. More information about how our Video Courses work can be found on the Video Courses page. If you have any questions or wish to be added to the waiting list of a sold-out course, please email [email protected]. 

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About romalyn ante View Profile

Romalyn Ante is a British poet, essayist, and editor. She grew up in the Philippines and migrated to her second home, Wolverhampton, at sixteen. She is co-founding editor of harana poetry, a magazine for poets who write in English as a second or parallel language, and the founder of Tsaá with Roma, an online interview series with poets and other creatives. Her debut collection is Antiemetic for Homesickness (Chatto & Windus). She was recently awarded the Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowship. 

Her honours include the Poetry London Prize, Manchester Poetry Prize, Society of Author’s Foundation Award, Developing Your Creative Practice, and Creative Future Literary Award, amongst others. She has also recently judged the Poetry London Prize and the Manchester Poetry Prize. 

‘The Poetry School has given me more confidence in sharing my work with strangers. The supportive environment has provided me with a safe space to experiment. I’ve learned more about my own writing, but also about the huge diversity of contemporary poetry and poets. I’ve felt part of a poetry community where poets, regardless of experience mingle freely. It’s been liberating.’

– Spring 2023 survey response

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