The Thicket and the Thorns: A Ginkgo Prize Workshop

The Thicket and the Thorns: A Ginkgo Prize Workshop

In this course, we will go deep into the woods, searching through the thickets and the thorns, past the hollows and the hidden waterways, deep into the darkness of the world, to find the light.

Now, more than ever, we need to see the natural world as autonomous, spiritual, capable of speaking back. This requires a new language, and a new poetics. What would it mean if the wood was haunted? What would it mean if moss and fungi and oak trees and squirrels each had a soul? What if the world were a world of spirits?

Through art, ambient noise, and paying the closest attention, we will be writing poems that rise to the occasion of a vital new vision of the natural world – one that is animated, and alive.

Saturday 27 July, 14:00-16:30. Friends’ Meeting House (Room F17), Manchester.

The Ginkgo Prize, organised by the Poetry School, is the world’s largest prize for ecopoetry.

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Seán Hewitt is a fiction reviewer for The Irish Times and a Leverhulme Research Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin. He was one of the Poetry Trust’s Aldeburgh Eight in 2015, won a Northern Writers’ Award in 2016, and won the Resurgence Prize (now the Ginkgo Prize) in 2017. His debut pamphlet is Lantern (Offord Road Books, 2019.

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