The Power Of Place

The Power Of Place

Explore the power of place in your poetry with Edmund Prestwich.

The influence of place touches every point in our lives, shaping us and our feelings about who we are and what we want to be. Places where we are inspire feelings of familiarity and belonging, entrapment and exile. Remembered or imagined places evoke ways of life we’ve lost or never had. In this course we’ll look at how different poets have harnessed some of this power in their poetry.  We’ll explore how we can incorporate their strategies into our own writing  and will workshop poems produced by members of the class.  Poets we look at will include Eliot, Yeats and Larkin, Derek Mahon and Sarah Maguire, Baudelaire, Cavafy and Seferis and a range of younger contemporaries.

5 weekly sessions on Fridays, 7pm – 9pm, starting 22nd September.

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Edmund Prestwich’s poems have appeared in a wide range of magazines, including Acumen, Ambit, the London Magazine and Quattrocento. He has published a pamphlet (Homelands, with Dagger Press) and a collection of short poems (Through the Window, with Rockingham Press). His book Their Mountain Mother, mainly consisting of a long narrative poem about the Basuto hero Moshoeshoe, was published by Hearing Eye Press in August 2009.

I have enjoyed every course I have done at the Poetry School and feel it is a very warm and stimulating learning community

– Spring 2017 Survey response

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