‘The Owls Are Not What They Seem’: Writing Poems Inspired by Twin Peaks

‘The Owls Are Not What They Seem’: Writing Poems Inspired by Twin Peaks

Across the room, a giant waves his arms in slow-motion as the music fades – poetry is happening again.

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Diane, it’s 6.18pm. Remind me to tell you about the damn fine cup of coffee I had this morning at the Great Northern Hotel. It came recommended by a lady carrying a log, who also told me poets will be gathering on Zoom to spend a day watching Twin Peaks clips, discussing the show, and writing lots of new poems inspired by the majesty of this unique little backwater.

You know me, Diane, I’d rather spend the day throwing rocks at a bottle to intuit my next investigative direction, but a day of poetry sure does sound intriguing. It strikes me that something as instinctive as rocks hitting bottles could even be employed to generate new poems, lying somewhere between experimentation and the divine. It sounds like all sorts of intriguing exercises are being cooked up for these curious folks.

I want to look into my soul, Diane. I want to know if I’m a soap opera character or a conventional detective, or both. I want to mingle registers and craft language on a page without falling into cliché or predictability. I want to write poems without fear of judgement, in a safe space spurned on by shared exhilaration. Gosh darn it, Diane, I just spilt coffee on myself because I got so excited.

You know what else the Log Lady said to me this morning, while I considered my two eggs over-hard and super crispy, almost-burned, cremated bacon? She said: “One day my log will have something to say about this.” What say we make that day today, Diane?

Saturday 19 June from 10.30am – 4.30pm. The course will take place using the video conferencing platform Zoom.

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Image Credit: Manos Gkikas

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Chrissy Williams is a poet, editor and tutor based in London. Her work has been featured on BBC radio and television, and her first collection BEAR (Bloodaxe, 2017) was one of the Telegraph’s 50 Best Books of the Year. She is editor of the online journal PERVERSE. Her second collection LOW will be published by Bloodaxe in May 2021.

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