The House of Poems

The House of Poems

Consider the importance of possessions, investigate the pull of memory and explore the drama in domesticity to build your own 'house of poems'.

What is this idea of home? In her poem ‘The History of My Father’s House’ Vona Groarke wants to discover the year her father’s house was built, and remembers ‘not by year, but by keepsake and event’.  During this one-day workshop you will look at contemporary poems set in kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms and explore the drama in domesticity. You will consider the importance of objects and possessions; the pull of memory and nostalgia; the ideas of privacy and space.  This will lead to you creating a ‘house of poems’ of your own.

One-day workshop from 10:30am to 4:30pm on Saturday 17th June.

There will a lunch break and tea breaks during the day. Lunch is not provided. Students are welcome to bring their own, or to visit the local shops and cafes during the break.

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Rebecca Goss has two collections of poetry, The Anatomy of Structures (Flambard Press, 2010) and Her Birth (Carcanet/Northern House, 2013). She describes herself as a narrative poet – and it’s been said she writes ‘bold and unsettling poems on desire and domesticity’, which she thinks is pretty accurate.

The poetry school helps you get exposed to different ways of learning, writing and thinking that might have taken years to find out on your own or most likely you would have never realised. That’s a very valuable gift.

– Summer 2016 survey response

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