The Eerie

The Eerie

Weird up your poetry with shadowplay, slippages, and the ever-so-jarring

What do mean when we describe something as eerie, and what might a ‘poetics of eerie’ look like? In The Weird and the Eerie, Mark Fisher carefully distinguishes the eerie from the surreal, the supernatural and the uncanny by defining it a tonal quality – particular kind of haunting of sound and space, an atmospheric pressure. This course focuses on pressure of this kind, and the ways in which the poetic – playing with our capacity for ambivalence and dissonance – is companionable with sustained intellectual uncertainty. We’ll read poems by Auden, Emily Berry, Diane Wakoski, and others; we’ll discuss the importance of the unsaid, and interrogate metaphors for the unconscious. For inspiration, we’ll look to strange fiction, to image and to film; we’ll also look at nursery and counting rhymes – their particular power to unsettle, and the ways in which the form may be borrowed and repurposed.

5 fortnightly sessions over 10 weeks. Live chats on Mondays 7-9pm GMT, first live chat starting 21 October 2019.

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Abigail Parry’s first collection, Jinx, is published by Bloodaxe, and deals in trickery, gameplay, masks and costume. The poems in Jinx won a number of awards, including the Ballymaloe Prize, the Troubadour Prize and an Eric Gregory Award, and the book itself was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. It has been described as “vaudevillian sleaze” (Stephanie Sy-Quia) and “electrifying” (Tristram Fane-Saunders).

‘The Poetry School has changed my life. It’s given me a network of other word-geeks and showed me that poetry is a team sport, and one that brings people together.’

– Spring 2019 survey response

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