Radiant Form

Radiant Form

Learn about poetry's 'perfect form', even in non traditional poems, with Maurice Riordan.

A poem can jump at you from the page – sometimes even before you’ve read it. How does that come about?  Because it has claritas, a radiance that is produced by its perfect form. We will look at this ‘effect’ in poems that do not use traditional form, but nonetheless contain some hidden force. The class will include exercises on how their example might be emulated.

This is a half-day workshop running 10:30 –13:00 on Thursday July 27th. 

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Maurice Riordan’s latest collection of poems is The Water Stealer (Faber, 2013).  Among his previous collections are The Holy Land (2007), Floods (2000) and A Word from the Loki (1995). He has been editor of Poetry London and The Poetry Review, and has also edited several anthologies, including The Finest Music: Early Irish Lyrics (Faber, 2014) and A Quark for Mister Mark: 101 Poems about Science (Faber, 2000). He is Professor of Poetry at Sheffield Hallam University.

Thank you one and all for a life changing experience.

- Summer 2016 survey response.

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