Queeread and queerwrite across the borders of ourselves and others

Queer readers have always had to be good at reading between the lines, searching for hidden meanings, subtexts or reflections between the cracks and at the edges. In her essay ‘Queerness as Translation’, poet Mary Jean Chan talks about language as a safe place in which to roam, somewhere to marry broken selves, re-read and re-write our lives, somewhere to create a playtime. Writing, necessarily, involves a form of translation, a journey from impulse to language, while translation itself is a making again, as translator Kate Briggs would call it. Do we arrive ‘back’ in ourselves or somewhere new? This course invites everyone taking part to travel back and forth across these borders. Readings will be taken from varied sources including the 2019 queer issue of The Riveter magazine from the European Literature Network, and Modern Poetry in Translation’s LGBTQ+ focus issue House of Thirst,  and will also include other poets from Audre Lorde to Ocean Vuong and Bev Yockelson. Selfie, rant, lyric, prayer. Explicit or implicitly queer? We will be exploring the exciting, thought-provoking work of writers using different languages – or using language differently – to inspire and prompt us to ‘translate’, to make anew, our own experience and ideas. To queeread and queerwrite.

Transreading courses – co-curated with Elzbieta Wójcik-Leese – invite us to read poems brought to English by translation, English-language poems inhabiting other cultures, and multilingual poems whose English hosts other tongues. We translate texts and/or compose new poems in response to our readings; in this process of trans-reading and trans-writing we open our poetries to the multi-literate world.

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Poet, editor and translator, Maria Jastrzębska was born in Warsaw, Poland and came to the U.K as a child. She co-founded Queer Writing South and has co-edited various anthologies such us Queer in Brighton (New Writing South 2014). She translated Justyna Bargielska’s The Great Plan B (Smokestack 2017). Her work is widely anthologised including Hallelujah for 50 foot Women (Bloodaxe, 2015), Wretched Strangers (Boiler House Press, 2018), and features in the British Library project Between Two Worlds – Poetry and Translation. The True Story of Cowboy Hat and Ingénue (Cinnamon Press/Liquorice Fish, 2018) is her most recent collection. www.mariajastrzebska.wordpress.com, www.snowqproject.wordpress.com

‘It’s difficult to connect with quality poetry classes where I live, and I welcome the creativity and breadth of offering that PS offers.’

– Summer 2019 survey response

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