Poem(a)s Studio: Reading Contemporary Latinx Poets

Poem(a)s Studio: Reading Contemporary Latinx Poets

Reinvigorate your poems with the rhythms of Latinx poetry

Latinx poetry written in the United Kingdom and United States is varied in style and vision due to the many cultural influences that converge on the page. Not only does Latinx poetry include works by writers whose background is rooted in any or several of the twenty countries that make up Latin America, a geographical area already steeped in the convergence of Indigenous, African and European influences, but it also encompasses intersections between these cultures, their rhythms and forms, as well as multiple languages. The result of this cultural and linguistic salmagundi has led to powerful, unique poetry by both well-known and emerging voices. In this course we’ll take a look at contemporary Latinx poets such as Alicia Borinsky, Carmen Giménez Smith, Juan Felipe Herrera, Lorna Dee Cervantes, Sandra Cisneros, Christopher Soto (AKA Loma), Ada Limón, Alan Pelaez López, Yesenia Montilla, and members of the Invisible Presence collective of British Latinx writers including director Leo Boix and poets in the IP writer development programme. Students will take inspiration from each of these writers throughout the course, guided by prompts as well as discussions that will imbue your poetry with new energy, cadences and ideas.

Studios are three week intensive courses. Reading material will be distributed before the course begins. There are no live chats so they are suitable for both UK & International students. 

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Natasha Hakimi Zapata holds a Creative Writing MFA from Boston University. In 2016, Literal Publishing released bilingual editions of her translations of Alicia Borinsky’s collection My Husband’s Woman and Liliana Lukin’s collection Theater of Operations. Her work has received several awards, including a 2016 Los Angeles Press Club Award for her book review of the poetry collection I Am the Beggar of the World and May Merrill Miller Awards for Poetry in 2008 and 2010. She’s worked as an editorial assistant at AGNI and Los Angeles Magazine, as a visiting lecturer at Boston University, and is currently Senior Editor at Truthdig.

‘The courses are high quality, and designed to fit around a busy schedule. I love how thoughtful the tutors are in both setting assignments and feedback. I feel some of my best work has come out of the teaching on this site.’

– Autumn 2018 survey response

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