Play On: Live Music Inspiration

Play On: Live Music Inspiration

Explore the role of music in your poetry, and learn to hear the poetry in music

‘O for mortals, what / Power there is in songs, / What greatest happiness / That can make bearable this /
Short narrow channel of Life!’ (Sophocles, tr Reginald Gibbons). What can music do for your poetry? What can your poetry do for music? In this short course you’ll have the opportunity to use the experience of live music as a starting point for writing new poems. We’ll begin with an experiential workshop with discussion of published poems that are inspired by music. You’ll choose two contrasting concerts to go to in the month that follows, and using some tips and optional writing tools and constraints, you’ll write poems that we’ll workshop in the second session.

A two-day workshop running 10:30 – 16:30 on September 9th (Reading Day) and October 14th (Workshop Day).

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Jacqueline Saphra’s poetry has been widely published and her plays performed on stage and television. She is a screenwriting graduate of the National Film School. She was on the editorial board of Magma Poetry magazine, has been Poet in Residence for Transport for London and for Good Housekeeping Magazine. She is a founder of The Shuffle, a regular poetry reading event at The Poetry Café in Covent Garden, and of Somewhere in Particulara site-specific poetry events organisation.

Her first pamphlet, Rock’n’Roll Mamma was published by Flarestack in 2007 and her first full collection, The Kitchen of Lovely Contraptions (flipped eye 2007) was developed with funding from Arts Council England and nominated for The Aldeburgh First Collection Prize. A book of illustrated prose poems, If I Lay on my Back I saw Nothing but Naked Women, was published by The Emma Press in November 2014 and won the Saboteur award for Best Collaborative Work 2015.

Her most recent collection, All My Mad Mothers, was published by Nine Arches Press in Summer 2017.


The poetry school helps you get exposed to different ways of learning, writing and thinking that might have taken years to find out on your own or most likely you would have never realised. That's a very valuable gift.

- Summer 2016 survey response.

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