Patterned Language

Patterned Language

Prime your poems with the pulse of pattern

Poetry is language with a pattern. This patterning can take place on multiple levels: content, form, and the words themselves. In this half-day we’ll be exposed to a number of works  ̶  some ‘traditional’, and others notably less so – including work by concrete poets like bpNichol and Derek Beaulieu, Christian Bök’s lipograms, forms like the sestina and ghazal, and works that try to ‘find’ poetry in neglected fragments of language – all in an effort to understand the effects of patterned language, and how we might try to exploit these structures in our own work.

This course is a half-day workshop running 2pm – 4.30pm on Sunday 14 April and is part of our Tutor Academy week.

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Nasser Hussain is a Lecturer in Literature and Creative Writing at Leeds Beckett University in the UK. His first book, boldface, was published in 2014. He holds a PhD in English from the University of York and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Windsor. Nasser has had a number of occupations: treeplanter, wilderness guide, amateur restaurateur, and now academic and poet. He likes his new job best. For him, poems are best described as ‘language with a pattern’, and much of his recent practice takes pleasure in finding new patterns to wonder at. SKY WRI TEI NGS (Coach House Books, 2018) is the first expression of a larger interest in mass transit, and is his attempt to find a literal and poetic intersection between two things that ‘move’ us (in this case, planes and poems).

‘The Poetry School has made writing poetry part of my life and it’s a more exciting life because of that.’

– Summer 2018 survey response

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