New Definitions and Neologisms: The Poetry of Dictionaries

New Definitions and Neologisms: The Poetry of Dictionaries

Explore poetry’s collision with the dictionary and re-make language for your own purposes.

Dictionary-maker Samuel Johnson described himself as ‘a poet doomed at last to wake a lexicographer’. How might poets use, celebrate and critique the dictionary in their work? Explore poetry’s collision with the dictionary through the work of Kei Miller, Mary Kinzie, Solmaz Sharif and Sarah Howe. We will experiment with dictionary definition form, Oulipan dictionary-related constraints, and dialect words, re-making the language for our own poetic purposes.

One-day workshop from 10:30am to 4:30pm on Saturday 24th June.

There will a lunch break and tea breaks during the day. Lunch is not provided. Students are welcome to bring their own, or to visit the local shops and cafes during the break.

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Kate Potts is a London-based poet and lecturer. Her pamphlet Whichever Music (tall-lighthouse, 2008) was a PBS Choice and was shortlisted for a Michael Marks Award. Her first full-length collection is Pure Hustle (Bloodaxe, 2011). Kate teaches for Oxford University, Royal Holloway and The Poetry School. She is currently completing a PhD on the poetic radio play.

A constant standard of excellence in the tutors and many others has proved to be an anchor.

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