The Minimum Viable Poem

The Minimum Viable Poem

Explore the big world of small poems with Rishi Dastidar

With us all living online and scurrying between social media platforms, it’s perhaps no surprise that shorter poems are being shared at an ever-increasing velocity. But just how short can a poem really be? What elements does a poem need to qualify as a poem? And can you have a poem with only a title and no other words? We’ll explore the big world of smaller, shorter and micro verse, so even your smallest poems can be perfectly formed.

This is a half-day workshop running 10:30 –13:00 on Monday July 24th. 

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Rishi Dastidar’s poetry has been published by the Financial Times, Tate Modern and the Southbank Centre amongst many others, and has featured in the anthologies Adventures in Form (Penned in the Margins) and Ten: The New Wave (Bloodaxe). A fellow of The Complete Works, the Arts Council England funded programme for BAME poets in the UK, he is a consulting editor at The Rialto magazine, a member of the Malika’s Poetry Kitchen collective, and also serves as a chair of the writer development organization Spread The Word. His debut collection Ticker-tape is published by Nine Arches Press.

The choice of music content and comments from Rishi were interesting, challenging and inspiring. The writing prompts were fabulous and I was taken down routes I have not travelled before, finding very exciting places!

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