Love and Lust (Summer 2017)

Love and Lust (Summer 2017)

Be empowered to ‘make it new’ in writing about this most primal, universal force.

‘Love is heaven, and heaven is love’; ‘Love is a sickness full of woes’; ‘Love is a growing or full constant light’; ‘Love may return but never lover’; ‘Love it is but lust’. This is a course for anyone who’d like to write about love, which accounts for many of the most intense moments in all of our lives. Poets have always written (and disagreed) about it – its soaring joys, miserable absences and wretched endings; how we love and are loved. On this course, you’ll look at the ways in which many skilled poets, including Catullus, the Metaphysical poets, British, American, Indian and Chinese poets, have approached love – whether familial, romantic or sexual – and, experimenting with both formal structures and free-verse, be empowered to ‘make it new’ in writing about this most primal, universal force. (This a repeat of a course that has run previously).

5 fortnightly sessions over 10 weeks. Live chats on Wednesdays, 7 – 9pm GMT, first live chat starting 24th May.

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Catherine Smith’s publications (with Smith/Doorstop) are The New Bride (Forward short-listed), The Butcher’s Hands (PBS Recommendation and short-listed for the Aldeburgh Prize), Lip (Forward shortlisted), Otherwhere, and The New Cockaigne (Frogmore Press) – a pamphlet-length supernatural surreal satirical narrative poem imagining compulsory lust, sloth and hedonism. In 2004 she was one of the PBS/Arts Council ‘Next Generation’ poets and voted one of the UK’s best new women poets by Mslexia magazine. She teaches poetry for The Poetry School and The Arvon Foundation.

It's changed my life by offering a wide range of courses, all accessible and well-tutored, all of a high quality, which you simply can't get anywhere else.

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