Hyper Spectacle (Face to Face)

Hyper Spectacle (Face to Face)

Keep your work vital and disruptive in a shifting world by writing poetry where it has no business being.

Poetry is a revolutionary act. But where can poetry exist within a spectacular society that often fails to separate advertising from art, spin from reality? This course will focus on how to use poetry as a tool for interference in an ever-increasing media ‘spectacle’ in which words change their meaning rapidly. On the timely 50 year anniversary of Guy Debord’s book, The Society of the Spectacle, we will use guerrilla tactics to write poetry where it has no business being, creating disturbances and surprises for an unsuspecting public.

Emma will also be teaching a version of this course online – this is the first time we’ve run the same course in two places, and we’re hoping for lots of fruitful cross-collaborations!

5 fortnightly sessions on Thursdays, 7pm – 9pm, starting 28th September.

More information about how all our face-to-face courses work can be found on the Face-to-Face courses page.

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Emma Hammond has self-published two pamphlets and has three full collections with Flipped Eye, Penned in the Margins and ZimZalla. Her second collection The Story of No has been shortlisted for the Ledbury Poetry Prize and her third Waves on a boring beach won runner up in the Saboteur awards for best poetry pamphlet. Emma has taught various courses at the Poetry School as well as in conjunction with Cambridge University and also tutors one on one.

‘By attending courses at the Poetry School for several years, I’ve been introduced me to a supportive network of poets who have informed my writing and given me more confidence.’

– Spring 2017 Survey response

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