Foraging & Poetry Walk

Foraging & Poetry Walk

Be inspired by nature on a day out in a wild London location with foraging poet Richard Osmond.

As well as a poet, Richard Osmond is a wild food forager, spending his days searching for wild fruit, herbs and fungi among the hedgerows of Hertfordshire. On this practical, in-person one day crash course – which serves as introduction to our online course, A Poet’s Herbal: Useful Lore for the Poet Outdoors – Richard will meet you in a wild London location, and you’ll spend the day being inspired by nature (instead of a lightbulb turning on above one’s head, imagine a white mushroom appearing in the undergrowth). You’ll be given practical advice on how to stay safe and informed when foraging, complete quick writing exercises based on the plants we encounter, and after a few hours outside the group will retreat to the pub. It will be a full immersion in the world of foraging, and the perspective you gain on this one-day event will be invaluable in informing your later solitary ventures into nature.

Sunday 10 September, 10am-3pm. The workshop starts at Redbridge tube station and ends at Wanstead (both Central line). £72, £68, £58


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Richard Osmond was born in 1987. He works as a wild-food forager, searching for plants, fruits and fungi among the forests and hedgerows of Hertfordshire. His debut book of poems, Useful Verses, was published in 2017 by Picador and won an Eric Gregory Award. His first two pamphlets, Variant Air and Shill, were published simultaneously by HappenStance in 2014. He is one of the co-editors of Thirteen Pages and one of the organisers / inquisitors of The Poetry Inquisition, a live poetry event at which poets are mercilessly grilled by a panel of Paxman-like interrogators after reading.

‘I was amazed at how much work I produced during the workshops. This was due to the imaginative and supportive approach of the tutor.’

Spring 2017 Survey response

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