Eat Your Words: Poetry and Food

Eat Your Words: Poetry and Food

Enhance your poems with roast beef, cheesecake, and a bottle of Chablis

Bring to this workshop a recipe, photograph, menu or memory of a food you feel a connection with. It could be a childhood dish, a favourite ingredient, or a particular place you like to eat. We’ll share these culinary touchstones as a group, and then we’ll take a look at poems by poets who have written about food in different ways, including Zilka Joseph, Hannah Lowe, Robert Burns, Kamau Brathwaite, and Fred Wah, and will examine how these writers have used food as a way to explore labour, family, culture, and politics. How is food represented on TV cookery shows? In memes? In academic work? We’ll snack on some bitesized morsels whilst discussing their history and significance, and then start writing about our own memory-foods, their particular nostalgic, stirring or comforting flavours, and discover exactly how our poems are what we eat.

This course is a half-day workshop running 10.30am – 1pm on Friday 12 April and is part of our Tutor Academy week.

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Sean Wai Keung is a poet and performance-maker based in Glasgow. His debut poetry pamphlet you are mistaken won the Rialto Open Pamphlet Competition 2016. He was a 2017 Starter Artist at the National Theatre of Scotland, during which he began development on a series of immersive food-based performances. In 2018 he released his food-poem pamphlet how to cook with Speculative Books. He has been published in magazines such as SPAMzine and ZARF and anthologies such as The Dizziness of Freedom (Bad Betty Press) and Why Poetry? (Lunar Poetry Podcasts and Verve Poetry Press). He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Roehampton University and an MA in Poetry from the University of East Anglia.

‘I feel lucky to be part of a community of poets.’

– Summer 2018 survey response

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