Draft, Edit, Draft

Draft, Edit, Draft

Develop your drafting practice and editorial eye with Ahren Warner

How, why and when to edit. When is editing actually drafting? How, why and should one move from editing to drafting? How does line editing and editing towards magazine or book publication differ? Over the course of this weekend, we will work through a series of discussions, exercises and challenges designed to address all of these questions and to move towards a process of editing and drafting that produces poems – and collections of poems – fit for publication.

A two-day workshop running 10:30 – 16:30 on Saturday 6th May and Sunday 7th May.

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Ahren Warner’s first collection, Confer (Bloodaxe Books, 2011), was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation and was shortlisted for both the Forward Prize for Best First Collection and the Michael Murphy Memorial Prize 2013. He was awarded an Eric Gregory Award in 2010 and an Arts Foundation Fellowship in 2012. His second collection, Pretty (Bloodaxe Books, 2013), was another Poetry Book Society Recommendation. His third collection, Hello. Your promise has been extracted, is due from Bloodaxe in October 2017. He is Poetry Editor of Poetry London and currently lives between London and Paris.

Many thanks to you all for providing a creative and nurturing environment for poetry and poets, and special thanks for the guidance and inspiration I’ve found within your community.

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