Don’t Duplicate, Diversify: Networks & Activism with Hannah Hodgson

Don’t Duplicate, Diversify: Networks & Activism with Hannah Hodgson

Learn how different networks can open up possibilities for your ideas and work to spread over multiple platforms, transforming into revenue streams.

Here we will talk about diversifying your work without duplicating the work, by using your ideas and prep across multiple platforms, which will transform into revenue streams. Ever wondered how to transform a poem into a radioplay, audiobook, YouTube video, or talk about lived experiences, including expansion into essays, and more? This talk and set of exercises will get you strategising.

Secondly, we will approach activism; the beauty of poetry for activism is the empathy inherent within lived experience. We’ll look at the importance charities and organisations you could work alongside, what this entails, and whether this is something you’d like to explore further, with ideas about how to approach them.

We’ll strategise together about who we know, what we know, and where we want to go in the next five years. We’ll look at social media, protecting mental health, physical health, and recognise red flags on these platforms – from basic points of safety, such as not posting pictures of our own front door, to more complex and nuanced situations.

This session will run on Zoom (2.30 to 5pm on 18 February).

This session is part of our CPD series Inspiration to Invoicing: Business Skills for Poets, the full schedule for which you can see below:

Everything But the Writing: Balancing Poetry Life with Jane Commane – 18/21 February
Don’t Duplicate, Diversify: Networks & Activism with Hannah Hodgson – 18 February
Rooting Yourself: Creative & Peer Support, with Caleb Parkin & Nathalie Teitler – 25/28 February
Shop Front: Building A Poet’s Profile with Dzifa Benson – 25 February / 2 March
Forms: Finance, Funding & Not-Getting Rich Quick with Emma Simon – 4/7 March
Being Busy, or Making Progress? Professional Support with Nick Makoha – 4/9 March

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About Hannah Hodgson View Profile

Hannah Hodgson is a writer and activist living with a terminal illness. She uses a hospice and has worked with organisations such as BBC Arts, Teen Vogue and Magma. She has won numerous prestigious awards for her writing and activism, including Northern Writers Awards for Poetry in 2020 and 2022; and a Diana Legacy Award in 2021. Her first collection, 163 Days, was published by Seren in 2022. Proving to be a busy year, she has two further pamphlets publishing in 2022, one winning the Poetry Business New Poets Prize 2021, and the other published by Broken Sleep Books. Twitter/Insta: @HodgsonWrites, and

'Writing can feel a bit like being lost in the wilderness. Becoming a part of a community of fellow writers is so important in building confidence and discovering ways to sustain and develop a writing practice.'

- Spring 2021 survey response

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